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Re: What are your opinions of HS and Absurd?

Vale wrote:
Sky Dog wrote:

Both b-sides and outtakes in any era of the band.

Outtakes may sound a bit harsh, but yeah B-Sides. There was a reason both songs didn't make it on CD, and considering what else they had in store (at least instrumentally), it's hard to see that they would have been anything more than filler if they made it on CD2.

Slash & Duff have improved Absurd at least to the Bumblefoot version, but I still prefer Silkworms with the original Chorus over both.

With Hard School. Slash's additions made the song definitely worse for me. His lead melody sounds uninspired and boring. The Village Version may not have been perfect/finished, but showed at least more potential in my opinion. They also should not have Frank redo the drums either.

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Re: What are your opinions of HS and Absurd?

Kikkoman80 wrote:

Absurd tells me little ... even if I like Slash's riff. Hard Skool has a very strong flavor of Chinese, the record.

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Re: What are your opinions of HS and Absurd?

jimmythegent wrote:

Hard Skool is pretty lightweight but it’s perfectly serviceable. It’s filler on a strong album.
Absurd is the superior for me and has held up better than I imagined.

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Re: What are your opinions of HS and Absurd?

metallex78 wrote:

Hardskool sounds ok, but the shoddy mix makes it sound worse than it should.
Agreed about the drumming. Frank’s drums sound paper thin and uninspired.
I actually like what Slash and Duff brought to the song. Made it sound more like classic GN’R. But overall, the song doesn’t reach the potential of anything done by the classic lineups.

I kinda like Absurd because it has a lot of that old Axl venom in the lyrics. I think what let’s it down is the repetition of lyrics, and I liked the original chorus too.

AND, Slash plays so much better lead guitar parts in the live version than what little we got on the studio cut.

The decisions this band makes creatively, is just absurd…

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