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Re: Charlie Watts Dead at 80

James wrote:

Rumours that we'll get the album announcement next month.

Can't wait.

Please let them have handful of good songs on it. Obviously this is the last album.

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Re: Charlie Watts Dead at 80

James wrote:

Someone on the Stones forum posted this list of the various sessions for the upcoming album....

9th - 11th December 2015: British Grove Studios, London

13th - 26th June 2016: British Grove Studios, London

Mid-February 2017: MJ & KR demos in New York City

30th May - 9th June 2017: British Grove Studios, London

28th June 2017: KR records in New York City

Late February/early March 2018: MJ & KR demos in New York City

20th - 21st September 2018: MJ & KR work on demos at Germano Studios, New York

Early December 2018: MJ & RW work on new material for a few days at Twin Studios, Paris, France

Late January/early February - 20th February 2019: Henson Recording Studios, Los Angeles

Early May 2019: KR & Don Was record overdubs in New York City

24th May 2019: Ron Wood is recording in London, England

November 2019: MJ & RW contribute to Rolling Stones recordings in progress in London, England. KR does the same in Los Angeles

Early/mid April 2020: MJ records new vocals at his home in Pocé-sur-Cisse, France,for the upcoming release of the Rolling Stones song Living in a Ghost Town

July-August 2020: MJ works on Rolling Stones recordings from a home studio in Italy

Late September - October 2020: KR, Don Was & Steve Jordan at Germano Studios, New York City

Mid-to-late February 2022: MJ & KR, with Matt Clifford and Steve Jordan, hold songwriting/demo sessions at GeeJam Studios in the northeast Portland parish of Jamaica

29th September - 9th October 2022: Electric Lady Studios, New York City

21st October - 9th December 2022: Henson Recording Studios, Los Angeles

Late January - ???? 2023: MJ and KR mixing & overdubbing(??) Nassau, Bahamas

Then factor in how Watts claimed in 2018 that they had a finished album but he had no idea what happened to it.

This final album will probably be a compilation of the best material they've come up with this past decade.

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Re: Charlie Watts Dead at 80

James wrote:

Here's part of a Keith interview from a few years ago....

Mick and I got together the last few months with Don Was in the studio, and we’ve been knocking up some ideas. We want to do some more sessions, but not sure when. We might do something in February and March. It’s progressing. All I can say, there are a couple of nice things happening, with the promise of a lot more, and we’re having fun doing it. We get together, and it’s always, Got anything new? Did anything else occur? And a couple of songs always pop up.

You jump into this familiar spot, even if we’ve been away for months. It’s comfortable kicking around ideas. We’ve been doing this for a while, so it’s not difficult to start up again. Mick is a great rhythm guitar player -- I always enjoyed playing guitar with him because we’re both rhythm guys really. We’re writing with two guitars, and I might throw piano or bass on here and there

It really points out how ridiculous the GNR situation is when a group of 70-80 year old men running the biggest rock 'brand' in the world are more productive creatively.

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Re: Charlie Watts Dead at 80

James wrote:

Just announced that Paul McCartney will be on the new Stones album.


Ringo may appear as well.

A swan song album containing the surviving Beatles and Stones. Interesting.

Another edit

Ringo will not be on it.... McCartney appears on one song.

“Mick and Keith were working on the new album in a studio in Los Angeles and Paul McCartney was down the hall. They invited him to play bass on one track,” says a spokesman for the Rolling Stones. “He’s not singing and Ringo isn’t on it at all. The drumming is by Steve Jordan, who is also a very good producer. And there are tracks on there featuring Charlie Watts.”

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Re: Charlie Watts Dead at 80

polluxlm wrote:

This is actually really cool and should have happened a long time ago.

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