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Re: Kid Rock arrested

James wrote:

DEKALB COUNTY, Georgia -- An early morning fight in DeKalb County ended with recording artist "Kid Rock" in jail!

Officers say a customer at Waffle House on Buford Highway broke a window close to where the rock star and his friends were eating.

Police say Kid Rock and his friends went outside and started beating the customer.

Kid Rock, his attorney and four others were arrested on battery charges.

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Re: Kid Rock arrested

monkeychow wrote:

His lawyer was arrested too? hahahahh

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Re: Kid Rock arrested

Tommie wrote:

How did I miss this thread?  16

Kid Rock's Arrest Due to "One Unruly Guy" 

A drunk and unruly heckler was responsible for Kid Rock's arrest in Atlanta October 21, a source close to the rocker tells

Rock (nee: Bob Ritchie), 36, was busted after police said he got into a scuffle with a male patron at a Waffle House around 5 a.m. Sunday.

But a source says Rock, who was sober and had finished playing a sold-out show nearby, meant no harm when he showed up at the greasy spoon with members of his entourage.

'Even before they ordered, Rock tipped the staff $300 and then offered to buy the whole place breakfast,' the source says. 'One annoying drunk guy starts running his mouth and came after Rock.'

Rock escorted the patron outside and locked him out, the source claims, but the man allegedly smashed a window and reentered. The fight ensued shortly thereafter.

Rock faces a misdemeanor charge of simple battery; the patron was hit with felony charges of criminal damage to property.

'The police knew it wasn't Rock's fault '” that's why he only got a light misdemeanor,' the source tells Us. 'What should have been an innocent night was ruined by one unruly guy." … unruly_guy

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