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Re: Izzy

Bono wrote:
Axlin08 wrote:

Catcher is better than Michelle. Whether the final or the demo. Michelle has always been overrated. It's a good rocker, but it's a B-side, whether it's on Appetite, Illusion or Democracy...

Tell that to my Dad who can't really stand Gn'R(hates Axl's voice) but always liked My Michelle. Its' the wierdest thing. When we used to go on road trips we made compromises. No Gn'R for me and he couldn't play Led Zeppelin(They bore me too much) anyways he'd always crack and say play that Michelle song. 16

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Re: Izzy

Paxcow wrote:
Sharky wrote:

Got an update from my brother.  He actually uses the same cleaning lady as Izzy, so he asked about him leaving.  It is fair to point out that my brother is about as cool as rainbow suspenders and doesn't give a rat's ass about GNR.   Hell, for two years he only occasionally mentioned how he had some "weirdo" musician neighbor.  It wasn't until I was up there for a week that I realized it was Izzy.  Anyway, he asked the cleaning woman if the "weirdo" was moving out and she said he was "going back to work with his old music group."

this is all a lie. izzy already lives in california. dumb.

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Re: Izzy

Axlin16 wrote:

Izzy lives wherever the water is warm and the drinks are cold.

Everything else is just Dust N' Bones...

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