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PaSnow Donald Trump running for President

Spot on. \"It\'s an excuse or an ideology for lunatics to get behind\"

+ 312 weeks ago
Gong The Most Popular GNR Member Ever Is...


+ 319 weeks ago
Will Removed or deleted

Thanks APE smile

+ 325 weeks ago
James RUMOR: GN'R Reunion @ Soundwave


+ 327 weeks ago
James Curious Sorry/Shackler mention


+ 439 weeks ago
Scabbie 11-21-2012 The Joint, Las Vegas (Being filmed in 3D)

\'Most incredible piano jam!\' Lol

+ 450 weeks ago
smoke Bruno Mars

Barry Manilow. F\'in hilarious

+ 455 weeks ago
RussTCB Ron says 'Just Forget About A New Record Until It Happens'


+ 456 weeks ago
RussTCB Elementary School Shooting in US

General karma for the discussion

+ 468 weeks ago
RussTCB Nurse commits suicide after royal prank call

Thx for catching that story.

+ 468 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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