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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns n roses played the general » 24 weeks ago

Axl S wrote:

The ASCAP listing having both the songs gets even more confusing.

My three theories for it now:

1) It's meant to be two separate listings and the TB Elite Management Team fucked up
2) It's meant to be together on a full album-like release but it's split up for the B-Side.
3) Monsters was meant to be a hidden track on the end of The General on the Perhaps vinyl

3* This is impossible.. the 7" vinyl have a limit of 1 song per side.. the lengh max is 5 min..

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Rank the Post CD Songs » 25 weeks ago

Hard Skool
Monsters (Best Slash work btw)
The General

If we can took the best of the two Hard Skools, village and new, it could be one of the best GN'R songs.. Monsters is a hell of a mess in the mix, could be better with some improves on the vocals, the intrumental is the best Slash/Duff work currently..

#3 Re: GN'R Downloads » The Ritz 1991 Official BD Rip » 31 weeks ago

Actually I've been looking for it for the 5.1 audio tracks. I don't have dvd player and basically that's the reason.. But I understand perfectly.. Thanks.. If you know another good place to find it, PM me please..

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » If GNR goes on hiatus, NuGuns should reunite » 31 weeks ago

The dead Daisies was a alter band for 3 of the members at some point, Dizzy, Richard and Frank, no need to say it, Is not the best lineup we could think, but it happened at some point xd.. otherwise.. I will love for a band consistent of Robin, Tommy and Brain.. that would be awesome.. and bring Bucket if you like.. but for me the real deal is this trio..

#5 GN'R Downloads » The Ritz 1991 Official BD Rip » 31 weeks ago

Replies: 3

Can someone share if it's possible the full BD or DVD rip from the Illusion box set with the full Ritz concert?

#7 GN'R Downloads » Full Antiquiet Leaks?? » 32 weeks ago

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Can someone please share the original files from the 2008 Antiquiet incident??

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » What song do you want to hear most? » 33 weeks ago

AgesOfTheIce wrote:

Did we ever come to consensus on whether Me And My Elvis was Bucket or Robin? I was sure it was Bucket, as was most of this forum if I remember correctly, but VoodooChild on Mygnr insists it's Robin, saying the "wah" parts are definitely his. I recently listened to the Ghost Of Mars soundtrack, and the song Power Station, which features Finck but not Bucket, does have similar sounding guitars in some parts.

Cool song btw.. it sounds like classic Robin tune.. I believe too most of Elvis and the others locker songs has more Robin than Bucket on it..

#9 Re: GN'R Downloads » My souncloud mix thread » 33 weeks ago

Shacklermyrye wrote:

Decided to start a Soundcloud account.

Felt this came out pretty good, took a lot of fucking around with the vocals to get right. No AI though, sounds ok to me. Let me know what you think.

Cool actually.. but for me still sounds more like the live version.. the energy with this one is very better than the one out there with the live era vocals, I think is for the upbeat tempo in this one.. I like it..

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General confirmed next » 33 weeks ago

James wrote:
Raven5790 wrote:
James wrote:


My hopes for the song just hit a brick wall.

You don't bury big guns on vinyl they know a handful will buy. They're still giving away the last vinyl they released to fan club members.

My 20 year old instinct shaping up to be true...Brains description nothing more than trolling and Baz being Baz, was mistaken about which song he heard... probably Seven or Soul Monster.

His song descriptions always sound the same anyways.

If The General is a steaming dog turd, my interest in the rest of the vault drops to zero, including Oklahoma.

I think we're about to find out why this stuff was sat on for 20 years...and it's not because it's better than what was released in 2008.

Also true.. and what if the songs Baz heard was actually State of grace??

If it's an updated State of point still stands.

We're all Geraldo standing outside Al Capone's vault and there's nothing but some trash and empty beer bottles. … ax-1mb.gif

That's actually my first impresion when I heard the full locker thing..

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