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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Slash confirms “one or two” new songs by June » 65 weeks ago

mitchejw wrote:

Why on earth do these topics keep coming up?

Maybe, because this is a Guns N' Roses forum?

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Sean Beavan Interview on the album (includes tibits on Bryan May) » 68 weeks ago

James wrote:

Not around for Silkworms and Hard School?!? These two songs are from earlier in the timeline?

I think the implication actually was that they happened later. There's a Freese interview on the same channel, where he says he didn't remember any of Hard Skool when he heard it either. However he also said, they done so many tracks that he might just not remember it.

Also Chinese Democracy's working title was "Smells Like Josh's Spirit" at first.

James wrote:

As much as I liked the early Chinese lineups, I'd love to see the alternate timeline with May as the lead guitarist.

It almost guarantees an album release of some sort fairly quickly.

I think that was the idea from the label. They thought May being involved would inspire Axl to write faster. However it would have re-created the Axl/Slash dynamic.... which Axl clearly didn't want.

Personally I think it says alot about Axl even in 99, if Bryan May of Queen was the more interested party. Clearly Axl still had that star appeal and expectations.

Beavan also didn't remember much about Oklahoma or wasn't sure. He did say though they worked on lots of songs, but his favourites were on the album.

So we need a proper Roy Thomas Baker interview at some point.

#3 Guns N' Roses » Sean Beavan Interview on the album (includes tibits on Bryan May) » 68 weeks ago

Replies: 8

He wasn't around for Silkworms or Hardschool, he also basically implies that May wanted to join the band originally.

#4 Re: The Garden » PaSnow died (HE'S ALIVE!!) » 69 weeks ago

Speechless, PaSnow was around since I first started posting on the internet as a kid.

I always liked PaSnow.


#5 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 70 weeks ago

James wrote:

- All plan B Covid restrictions, including mask wearing, to end in England

They're set to end, because the PM is facing a coup from his party to force him out and his allies are turning on him. Essentially he held regular parties at downing street during the previous lockdown, including the night before the Queen's Husband's funeral. Which had a restricted attendance. The right wing press which didn't care at the time, have suddenly decided this was a big deal.

He's on the verge of being booted out and they've crashed in the polls. This is a PR stunt to save his career, and get the hardline right wingers in his party back on board.

Average daily deaths are still in the upper 200s with the current restrictions. Keep in mind our population is about a 1/5 of the US.

It is coming to an end likely here in terms of how it's treated, but not because of the numbers.

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » The Matrix Resurections » 73 weeks ago

They litterally tell you for the first 30 mins Lana Wachowski didn't want to make a sequel, that the original trilogy should be left alone and Warner Brothers are forcing them to make it.

The film imo (the ending) is a fuck you, you can't reboot the series without me, so here's your sequel from Wachowski.

That is the vibe I got from it.

I disagree on it being better than the flawed Star Wars sequel trilogy. The Star Wars sequel trilogy at least felt like Star Wars at a few points, even if it's clear they didn't have much of a plan.

I like Force Awakens kinda, think Last Jedi is a mixed bag and dislike Rise of Sky Walker alot. However I never got the impression the people involved didn't want to be involved.

#8 Re: The Sunset Strip » Dexter (Spoiler Alert) » 73 weeks ago

I really liked the season this far.

This is just speculation, but I'm thinking (or maybe hoping)

Hidden Text:

He gets caught in the next episode. I'm hoping Batista shows up and put him in cuffs.

They haven't renewed for a new season yet and kept talking about giving it a better ending.

imo him dying or the police chief just leaving him be, would be terrible.

A death would be lazy and it'd be infinitely more interesting to see him confronted.

It's not quite as good as Twin Peaks: The Return, but this is a pretty decent revival show.

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » The Matrix Resurections » 74 weeks ago

I seen this in the afternoon.

I have mixed thoughts, but ultimately just thought meh. It does threaten at a few times to be interesting, but I did legitimately get the impression that the people involved did not want to make another Matrix film and they use a few meta scenes/lines to make the audience aware. I didn't leave the cinema thinking, "I really hope there's a Matrix 5".

Given the poor promotion/marketing campaign, I don't expect this to be as successful as it should/could've been.

#10 Re: The Sunset Strip » Ghostbusters: Afterlife » 79 weeks ago

Seen it this afternoon, I really liked it.

I wasn't that keen on the final third, but that criticism goes for alot of modern films.

I really liked most of it and as someone who loved the original films as a child, I'm confused as to some of the reviews I've read for this.

It's a love letter to the original films and not the film I feared it be from the trailer.

Any reviewer that's upset the 2016 Ghostbusters was erased and has nothing to do with this, shouldn't be taken seriously.

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