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Re: Recommended Superhero / Monster Movies?

Will wrote:

Been watching loads of superhero and monster movies lately but I'm starting to run out of ideas. Hoping some of our members can recommend more movies of a similiar genre to the following (all of which I've seen and 90% I've enjoyed)

Batman 1, 2, 3, 4, Begins, Dark Knight
Transformers 1 & 2
Iron Man 1 & 2
Godzilla (US 1998)
Spiderman 1 & 2
Ghostbusters 1 & 2
King Kong (Jack Black one)
X-Men 1, 2, 3
The Mask
Fantastic Four
Superhero Movie

On My To Watch List Already:

Hellboy 2
Incredible Hulk
Spiderman 3

Interested in anything like the above which is already released on DVD 5

Oh and for the record "Batman & Robin" is as shite today as it was when first released 16

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Re: Recommended Superhero / Monster Movies?

I love Jackson's version of King Kong. I hate it when people bitch about the amount of time. Such a polished and worth remake. Great acting, suspense, and heart to the film. Avatar is really good. Watchmen is pretty good for the most part; but the acting could be better. Sam Raimi's Darkman is an interesting film. If you liked the X-Men film series, you'll love First Class.

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Re: Recommended Superhero / Monster Movies?

polluxlm wrote:

Watchmen is pretty good for the most part

I'd recommend this one too. The Edward Norton Hulk and Will Smiths Hancock are also alright.

Re: Recommended Superhero / Monster Movies?

Lomax wrote:

Everyone talks about the dark knight trilogy as though it's some kind of "dark twist" on the hero story.
This personally pisses me off.

If you want the perfect, the all time perfect superhero watch "Punisher:War-Zone" That's the 2008 one with Ray Stevenson. Fucking immense.
If you're looking for something else in that vein try Spawn, it's shit really, but a cool concept that is somewhat borrowed from the works of C.S. Lewis (maybe).

Seriously though Punisher:War-Zone is the perfect hero flick

Also if you get the chance at some point take a look at the new "dredd" movie. It's like a less violent but better written punisher.

Frank Castle, the "Hero" of the punisher series, is a card carrying psychopath. Dredd is too of course, but he's more limited being in law enforcement and all.

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Re: Recommended Superhero / Monster Movies?

Neemo wrote:

I just watched all the avengers tie in over the last month

Incredible hulk
Iron man 1&2
Captain America
Avengers...they were ok

A Private Eye
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Re: Recommended Superhero / Monster Movies?

Definitely Avengers Assemble, and you can easily watch it without seeing all the tie in films as well. I'd also echo the Watchman and Avatar suggestions, I really liked them. Sin City is worth a watch as well

Re: Recommended Superhero / Monster Movies?

Lomax wrote:

Where were on the subject just saw this 10min long "Punisher" short fan made movie. The fans who made the movie are Thomas Jane and Ron Pearlman it's quite good:

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