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James A re-post from MyGNR, A GN'R fan convention

HA! good one....

+ 832 weeks ago
Communist China Music Cliche

Mitch Hedberg signature.

+ 842 weeks ago
Gunslinger Removed or deleted

Glad you're enjoying the boots!

+ 853 weeks ago
Aussie Stolen Motorcyle (myspace bulletin)

Too funny! thanks for that I had a good laugh.

+ 857 weeks ago
Saudade Stolen Motorcyle (myspace bulletin)

Insulting Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose.

- 857 weeks ago
Communist China Is There a Pink Floyd and Wizard Of Oz link?

you own Soup, and therefore get +1 !

+ 858 weeks ago
James Steve Albini- The problem with music

posting the article

+ 862 weeks ago
James The NFL 2007-08 Season thread

great post

+ 866 weeks ago
James Baz:'AXL ROSE Has Lived A Life None Of Us Could Ever Imagine'

Paul stanley info

+ 868 weeks ago
James The NFL 2007-08 Season thread

good point

+ 870 weeks ago
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