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IRISH OS1R1S US Politics Thread

Sad, but true.

+ 120 weeks ago
PaSnow US Politics Thread

Good post.

+ 124 weeks ago
slcpunk US Politics Thread

wow, haha, but also not haha

+ 124 weeks ago
Brett New Tour Dates Added

Exactly, these fanboys are just way too fucking crazy.

+ 124 weeks ago
Randall Flagg HBO's A Game of Thrones


+ 125 weeks ago
James US Politics Thread

great post. agree on all counts in your discussion on this issue.

+ 127 weeks ago
PaSnow US Politics Thread

Nice to moderate

+ 127 weeks ago
faldor US Politics Thread

Very well put

+ 127 weeks ago
buzzsaw US Politics Thread

Now you just need to reign in your boy slc who has no grasp on reality.

+ 127 weeks ago
Randall Flagg US Politics Thread

Great post

+ 127 weeks ago
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