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Axlin16 Interesting Post-MyGnr 6/20/2008-Future albums Speculation

poor debating skills, bating members with fradulent claims.

- 794 weeks ago
nugdafied Interesting Post-MyGnr 6/20/2008-Future albums Speculation

The women don't like BestBuy excuse. One of the funniest rationalizations I've heard in awhile.

+ 794 weeks ago
Paxcow sneak peek of new song? sorry if its been posted

fuckin a!

+ 794 weeks ago
PaSnow Time magazine makes fun of the saga

That's a good point. Way to negate the argument.

+ 800 weeks ago
NY Giants82 Chinese Democracy Chart Positions Thread

for not falling for the doom and gloom on this board

+ 801 weeks ago
Gong Bring on new leaks/demos/whatever

presenting his opinion as fact / aka being a know-it-all

- 801 weeks ago
James I have opened two copies of CD Vinyl LP

vinyl info

+ 801 weeks ago
James Best Buy now accepting pre-orders for Chinese Democracy!!!

preorder info

+ 807 weeks ago
Reputation system for PunBB

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