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Re: Time magazine makes fun of the saga

GNRBABY wrote:
dr_love6977 wrote:
-Jack- wrote:

Cocaine and the new GNR is about as far away apart as it was close to the old band.

Have you ever really looked at Tommy Stinson?

I'm sure the guy who wrote that doesn't even know who Tommy Stinson is. It's a mute point. They are trying to say Axl does coke, it's obvious. If they are talking about Tommy, then the article is even lamer than I thought, as that really has nothing to do with anything. Plenty of great albums have been made by people doing plenty of drugs.

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Re: Time magazine makes fun of the saga

Axlin16 wrote:
GNRBABY wrote:

That is CLASSLESS! I think even Axlin08 can agree they went too far. "broken stuff" = LAME what a joke. This is slander...

Slander? Okay, let's back it down there Laurie Soriano.

It's not so much that they went too far, as much it's just really freakin' lame. It's not funny in the least.

I also think this is another sign, and point to what i've been saying - new Guns is a freakin' joke to most of the world. A punchline.

Re: Time magazine makes fun of the saga

I didn't think that was funny really,it's like when some one starts telling a cool joke and the ending isn't funny,and you find yourself going ha ha ha even tho it wasn't funny at all.

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Re: Time magazine makes fun of the saga

BLS-Pride wrote:

The internet crack was pretty funny. Nothing else really. Not too creative especially for a magazine like Time.

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Re: Time magazine makes fun of the saga

huntermc wrote:

To be fair, this was taken from a full page of political cartoons. It shouldn't be taken too seriously, even if the joke falls a bit flat to the hardcores like us. At least it's one more little way of getting the word out that Chinese Democracy has been released.

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