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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Bring it Back Home, Too Much Too Fast and Hell House demos. » 5 weeks ago

James wrote:

They even started giving me shit....the best being that wall sized GNR at the Ritz poster I haven't seen before or since.

Y'know I think I actually had that exact same poster, picked it up around 2000 in a quirky little hippy store in my hometown. It was huge, like 2x or 3x a regular poster 14 I've never seen it posted elsewhere and mine is long gone now sad

As for the topic question, I've not heard a lot of those songs in over a decade and can't even remember how some of them sound. I think I had them all on a bootleg called Unwanted Illusions. I remember Crash Diet and Just Another Sunday both being pretty cool

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » When do we hear Hardskool? » 5 weeks ago

I voted next year but maybe Im being too pessimistic. I don't think there's any guarantee that we hear Hard Skool just because it's on the Alt List but I really hope we do 9

#3 Re: The Garden » Posters who vanished long ago.... » 5 weeks ago

One last one I'd like to post if you'll indulge my nostalgia just a little longer please 16 This is something I worked on for a while but I don't think I ever showed anybody, definitely didn't release it, but looking back now I still think this was a pretty cool idea so I'd like to share some screenshots at least.

Essentially it was a GNR browser extension for Firefox/Chrome. It basically just added a GNR sidebar in your browser which was visible no matter where you went on the internet. Here I am on MSLs forum at the time with the sidebar closed:


You would go the website that I'd built and you could subscribe to whichever feeds you were interested in to get them into your sidebar:


Eg, If you like seeing GNR fanart you could subscribe to Deviant posts, if you're an Izzy fan you'd subscribe to and ShuffleItAll board etc.


^ You'd click on the sidebar to open it, and then you could switch the news feeds. So here I was on MSL's forum still, but I'm able to also view the latest posts from GNR's official site in the sidebar at the same time, and I can immediately switch the sidebars news source to say HTGTH using the dropdown menu:


I'd completely forgotten about this until I just stumbled on the screenshots looking through the Evo files big_smile

#4 Re: The Garden » Posters who vanished long ago.... » 5 weeks ago

Some more old school Evo banners that we somehow still have backed up 9


No idea which of these were ever used, I definitely recognise some of them though 22

#5 Re: The Garden » Posters who vanished long ago.... » 5 weeks ago

Quite the trip down memory lane 9 I've been on the forums on and off again since the late nineties. Used to post under the name downliner most places. I didnt post that much as Im mostly a lurker and just like to read other fans opinions. I built quite a few Izzy fan sites over the years (,,, etc) and did all the coding for this site after ROV went up in flames though I was mostly behind the scenes. Heres some archived screenshots that I still have, not sure which of these ever went live:

Axl Theme
Duff Theme
White Evo Theme (dont think this ever went live)
When we had a sidebar:
Evos homepage when it first launched I believe

& Some of my old Izzy site screenshots incase anyone remembers any of these:


I spent a fuck ton of time always designing and redesigning, trying to add new features etc because I loved learning how to write code back then. I ended up becomming a full time programmer and still do it to this day so all that time working on Izzy and GNR fansites was totally worth it 5

#6 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 5 weeks ago

slashsfro wrote:

Slightly OT: but I went to a mall today.  It was like a ghost town.  It was like I was back in the Spring before the regulations were lifted.  The only places I saw that were reasonably packed was some kids fun place (ugh) and a nail salon.  That nail salon had most of the seats filled.   All the customers were wearing masks though.

Funny you should say this because just the other night on Youtube I was watching someones old video footage recorded in a mall in the early 90's. People were chatting to the camera about why they love going to the mall, they meet friends their, go shopping, get some food etc. Was cool to reminisce but I definitely think the mall format is dying on it's arse. They're really struggling here in the UK and half the shops were empty before Covid was even a thing hmm

#8 Re: Management » Is This Forum Dying? » 6 weeks ago

Thanks Randall, I'll take another look 22

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » Absurd » 6 weeks ago

jimmythegent wrote:

Sorry, don't seem to be able to embed anymore?

Thats another bug thats popped up for no reason, sorry about that.

I've managed to get them embedding again but the embeds are really small at the minute and not sure why hmm

#10 Re: Management » Is This Forum Dying? » 6 weeks ago

AtariLegend wrote:

Site won't let me log out weirdly at the minute, in addition to not letting me create topics (Dexter revival thing, in Seen That Too). So it's buggy.

Anyway that aside, I'm taking a break from the forum and discord channels. If leaks or whatever happen, I'll probably re-emerge.

Hey Atari, how ya doin? You should be able to create topics again now, it was a bug effecting everyone but now sorted 22

I can't seem to recreate the issue logging out, works ok for me. Let me know if it's still a problem for ya and I'll take another look.

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