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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Using AI to give Axl Rose´s voice back » 10 weeks ago

"Please Mr Postman" is my favourite Axl release in years 9 I'll take AIxl any day. Still blows my mind. "Hopelessly Devoted To You" is a banger too.


monkeychow wrote:

I would expect this case to get settled with an absolutely massive payout to Kat, but band takes ownership of her GNR pictures, no admission of guilt for Fernando, and mutual agreement to never speak of this again.

I think you've pretty much nailed it.

The forums won't ever forget this one even if the involved parties have a mutual agreement to never speak of it again. Whenever someone mentions Fernando the next reply will always mention the sexual assault case that he paid off (or bestiality etc) - stuff like this isn't forgotten about. Doubt he'll be on the forums or GNR reddit ever again, I think we just witnessed the implosion of Team Brazil tbh and it'll be interesting to see if that effects the band or Axl at all.

#3 Re: Management » Site certificate warning? » 22 weeks ago

Unfortunately I can't fix this one as I don't have access to Cpanel for the site. I'll drop a PM to sic who looks after our hosting and see if he can get SSL enabled for the site. Cpanel offers free SSL these days so hopefully we can enable it and get rid of the warning message smile

Edit: Have PM'd sic

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » The Last Rock Stars script » 22 weeks ago

I'm not sure I follow the Slash/David Geffen link? Anyone care to explain?

I remember Niven saying in an interview somewhere that they went to the UK because they knew the British tabloid newspapers would stir up controversy. They'd feed them stories (eg Axl killed his dog) which made them "the most dangerous band in the world" and used that free press in national papers to sell out tickets on the UK tour. They then went back to the USA as an international act that had sold out gigs overseas, making them more in demand back in the US. Something like that anyway, can't remember exactly.

I'd suspect Niven being the manager was the guy who knew that controversy sells and he used it to the bands advantage. And they've been using the same tactic ever since 16

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 23 weeks ago

harmon420 wrote:

Any more debate is qanon level lunacy.

Qanon are sane compared to GN'R fans 16 Only people more bonkers than GNR diehards are the flat earthers wink

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Robin Finck Shirt » 23 weeks ago

I still have one or two tees that I picked up at the London Docklands Arena show in 2002. Can't remember the exact design and can't be arsed fishing it out of my closet but I think it was a GNR star design with a union jack flag flag watermark

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » Matthew Perry Dead » 24 weeks ago

Friends is something I can have on in the background, it's easy watching. Quite a young age to go but he definitely had his struggles over the years sad Sad to hear of his passing, but the most shocking death this year for me is Bray Wyatt (WWE)

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General and Monsters » 24 weeks ago

Thanks to whoever leaked these 9 Monsters is definitely my favourite of the two.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » The General confirmed next » 24 weeks ago

After 20 years it was starting to feel like the band were finally making some progress at being a normal band. Announcing "Absurd" and dropping it only a few hours later, releasing Hard School, releasing Perhaps with an unexpected (and well put together) music video..... things were looking up....... and now it's back to business as usual 16

I've suspected for many years that it's all intentional. Controversy creates cash as they say. If nothing else GNR have certainly kept the fanbase talking for the last few decades in spite of such little output smile

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Post UR top 2 Favorite Gnr forum moments » 24 weeks ago

A highlight for me was when Izzy joined Twitter a few weeks prior to the first NITL Troubadour gig to let everyone know he wasn't involved. It was hilarious to witness because there was just so much doubt about the accounts authenticity. He posted a GNR cover band video, tweeted one of the guys in Cheap Trick to tell them he'd bought a computer and was now avacado farming, and he took forever to actually prove that he really was Izzy. We had a lot of fun with the memes for a week or two then Izzy finally dropped a cover video (and his choice of song was superb 16).

Since then he's only tweeted once or twice per year to wish everyone a happy holidays and say thanks for birthday messages, and he deleted all his old tweets. Wish he'd stuck with the idea of covering songs on Youtube (he's since deleted those videos too lol)

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