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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses launching iTunes promotion: 'Ides of March' hint? » 9 weeks ago

16 Why bump a topic from 583 weeks ago?

Here we are (literally) over 10 years later and still no Ides of March.

#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » disappointed in axl and fernando » 9 weeks ago

The online GNR communities can be so toxic 17 They're funny and full of drama, but they're also really fucked up beyond words a lot of the time 14

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Rick the leaker just got banned from shows for life » 9 weeks ago

Rick continues to dig himself into a deeper hole hmm WTF is he thinking broadcasting this on the radio? He needs to shut the fuck up and just be greatful that GNR didn't sue his ass into bankruptcy 16

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » disappointed in axl and fernando » 9 weeks ago

wasted2019-2028 wrote:

19 discs?

I dont know the exact number and I couldnt be arsed counting 16

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » disappointed in axl and fernando » 9 weeks ago

Wagszilla wrote:

In order to mount a legal case per the Skwerl debacle, the prosecution must prove it was destined for imminent commercial release, which it is not.

That's pretty interesting, thanks. I do find it a little odd that it must be set for imminent release, I wouldn't have thought there'd be a timescale applied.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » The "Better" video treatment MSL possesses has leaked. » 9 weeks ago

Interesting that one of these documents has finally leaked, didnt the Axl bio come with the same USB stick?

As for the treatment, it's a little bizarre to say the least 16 I understand the idea behind it though, might have been cool if they'd gone with it.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » disappointed in axl and fernando » 9 weeks ago

atlashrugs wrote:

everybody from the forums has the discs. is the next step for axl and fernando to ban everybody from the online forums from the concerts? rick is a matyr. making the ultimate sacrifice for the fans. he's a hero. we should celebrate and salute him. not ban him from concerts. if it wasn't for patriots like rick we would have no clue about hardschool, [...] nothing, and so much more. was axl or fernando ever going to let us hear this stuff? they were going to keep it buried forever. that's not fair since axl has no intention of dropping an album anytime soon.

Why would they ban everyone else from the forums? 14 There's a huge difference between fans who download illegal material, and fans who upload illegal material.

None of us would have these discs if it weren't for Rick, I think most of us do appreciate that and we're greatful.

strat0 wrote:

Also, with this being so old, they'd have even more issues than they had prosecuting Skwerl, because you have to be able to prove the person knowingly or could reasonably assume that commercial release was imminent. Hard to do with 20+ year old demos.

I'm not sure that's how copyright works. Whether it is planned for commercial release surely has no relevance? Just because its not planned for release now doesn't mean it won't be released in future.

GN'R have sold over 100 million records worldwide, and made hundreds of millions from touring. It wouldn't be hard to prove that these 19 discs had potential commercial value if released officially. Because of the leaks that value has now dropped, probably quite significantly.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » disappointed in axl and fernando » 9 weeks ago

atlashrugs wrote:

what proof do we have it was rick who leaked the discs? it could be anybody. rick bought a copy of the discs. i've yet to see proof he is leaking everything we've been getting. axl and fernando shouldn't ban a fan for life and threaten arrest until they have proof.

Rick might not have personally uploaded the songs but he's still responsible if he gave copies of the 19 discs to anyone.

I think Atari pretty much nailed it.

He'll still be able to attend if he keeps a low profile.

#9 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 9 weeks ago

I still enjoy watching WWE. Yeh it can be shitty at times but thats what makes it worth watching - sometimes its so bad that its actually funny, like the ending to HIAC where the crowd was so pissed 14

@PotatoSalad I mostly agree with your Smackdown review. My girlfriend loved seeing the Rock come back, but I thought the whole segment was wasted. Was probably an honour for Corbin to work with someone like the Rock, and it says a lot I guess that WWE would choose to put him in the ring with him - but none of it really made any sense 17

I liked the Kofi match though, that was pretty entertaining big_smile

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » They played Locomotive tonight » 9 weeks ago

Watched this on live stream and thought it was great 9 I imagine it'll be rotated in and out with Coma for the rest of the tour now yeh?

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