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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 37 weeks ago

polluxlm wrote:

My favorite part though is how they just kill off Hicks and Newt in the opening credits. Cameron knows entertainment but it was a really dumb idea to include a child and a love interest in a horror franchise. They had to go and I love how ruthless they are about it. Adds to the movie and the franchise as a whole. It's a serious business and there aren't any happy endings.

I love this response! It's definitely a trigger in the fanbase still to this day. Im subbed to the subreddit /r/LV426 and just the other day there was a topic moaning about Hicks/Newts deaths which had over 300 replies, the majority of replies were also people complaining 16 Crazy that in 2022 so many people still care, shows how much they loved Aliens really.

I like Alien 3 too, certainly much more today thanks to the Directors Cut. My main gripe is just with the quality of the CGI/green screen, it just looks so bad in places, but it doesn't ruin the film at all for me. I love how dark the movie is, goes back to it's origins almost, removing all weapons, killing off not only Hicks and Newt but also Ripleys new love interest just as she starts to get close, and finishing it off with Ripley fucking over the company by killing herself in a pretty badass way.

I'd probably rank them as:

Alien 3
Alien Resurrection

Even Resurrection at 5th on my list I really enjoy the movie. I just need a version with some of the cheesy dialog cut as I think it takes me out of having any sense of fear when theres too many one-liners. A lot of folk hate the baby Alien at the end, but I think it looks pretty fuckin hideous and I'd be terrified seeing that thing in real life - which is kind of the point for me.

#2 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 37 weeks ago

James wrote:

It's unfortunate that Aliens never got a proper sequel. I know there was a script for one years ago but nothing ever happened with it. There had to be a better way to handle Aliens 3 without killing Newt and Hicks.

I heard recently that the original script for Alien 3 has been turned into an audio drama and apparently it's awesome. I've not checked it out yet as I only really listen to audiobooks when travelling but definitely plan to check it out.

Edit: … B07QY3KR81 - Found the link. "Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen reprise their iconic roles as Corporal Hicks and Bishop from the 1986 film Aliens." 22

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 37 weeks ago

Rewatched "There Will Be Blood" tonight as I wanted my girlfriend to see it. It's as good as I remembered. Definitely a slow burner, but I just love that final scene....

Hidden Text:

When Daniel gets the preacher Eli to admit that he has been a false prophet all along and that God is a superstition. Theres just something I love about Eli devoting his entire life to church, only to finally admit that it's all bullshit mere seconds before he gets killed. I also love the revelation that the oil-filled land Eli is trying to sell has already been drained dry by Daniel..... I drunk your milkshake!! 16

Have also been re-watching the Alien series. I'll never tire of the retro-futuristic asthetic of these films. Alien is my favourite, Aliens has some great character development for Ripley, Alien 3 Directors Cut is a major improvement on the theatrical release, Alien Resurrection has some great action sequences but leans a bit too far with the cheesy dialogue, Prometheus is severely underrated and has some killer sequences like the abortion scene, and Covenant has some cool VFX and tries to take the series in a new direction (though it failed at the box office). I love the Alien franchise and can't wait for the new TV series and movie that are in the works big_smile

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Predictions for the next decade? » 39 weeks ago

I think they'll do an Appetite 5 show at some point in time, assuming they're all still alive. It'd probably cost about $5000 a ticket if Bruce Springsteens recent "dynamic pricing" is anything to go by 16

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Will the next single be something we've heard already? » 44 weeks ago

I think any future releases will be stuff from the locker leaks reworked, or some other old song like Goodnight, Just Another Sunday etc

#7 Re: Management » Unable to register? » 44 weeks ago

polluxlm wrote:

Our tech guy has been incognito for...a few years? Not really anything we can do if there's a problem.

If anybody got those skills please let us know. 14

I ran out of stuff to talk about years ago but I ain't dead yet 16 I've fixed that registration error, sorry about that. For some reason we had a field in Mysql which wasn't allowing an empty value, but that field wasn't part of our registration form. I just registered a new account and was able to login/logout etc with that account smile

#8 Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Izzys performs unreleased song on Japanese Radio 1993 (30 secs clip) » 81 weeks ago

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This has just surfaced now and its Izzy performing an unreleased song live on Japanese radio in 1993 smile

"Think I'm gonna pack a bag and disappear into sunset"

I really dig it, just wish he'd played a bit more 9 Some of us fans have been speculating that it's an unreleased song called "Motivated" due to the lyric "Trying to get motivated" at the start...

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » Bring it Back Home, Too Much Too Fast and Hell House demos. » 95 weeks ago

James wrote:

They even started giving me shit....the best being that wall sized GNR at the Ritz poster I haven't seen before or since.

Y'know I think I actually had that exact same poster, picked it up around 2000 in a quirky little hippy store in my hometown. It was huge, like 2x or 3x a regular poster 14 I've never seen it posted elsewhere and mine is long gone now sad

As for the topic question, I've not heard a lot of those songs in over a decade and can't even remember how some of them sound. I think I had them all on a bootleg called Unwanted Illusions. I remember Crash Diet and Just Another Sunday both being pretty cool

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » When do we hear Hardskool? » 95 weeks ago

I voted next year but maybe Im being too pessimistic. I don't think there's any guarantee that we hear Hard Skool just because it's on the Alt List but I really hope we do 9

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