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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Happy 10th anniversary, Chinese Democracy! » 9 weeks ago

To my mind the best thing to happen with the vault would just be a huge release for curious hardcore fans. If a song includes a different version from each lineup (96-99,00-04, 06-08, 08-14) just include the best possible master and mix of each of those and make it a big mutli disc set.

Even if there are ideas, riffs, whole songs used by the current lineup for a new album that will still be fine. Just get this shit out there.

#3 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 30 weeks ago

As a foregin viewer and big(ly) fan, I've gotta say that this whole thing (from when he announced his candidacy until now) has been some of the most compelling television that the United States has ever produced. And the US makes a lot of good shit.

Lots of twists, turns. Some light comedy and long running plot threads like the pee tape make this show compulsive viewing. 10/10 would repeat binge on Netflix.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 35 weeks ago

ZeroMortals7 wrote:
Niterain wrote:
ZeroMortals7 wrote:

A promise was made. A promise everybody will have all leaks. Up to this day we don't have all leaks.

No promise was made. Ppl didn’t stop masturbating in the shower. You won’t get a single leak until you begin jerking off in your bedroom. The cleaners are sick of cleaning up your semen. Quit it!

promises were made. but it's funny when some have what others don't they hang it over them.

No one here has this shit! Please just stop.

You just rattle on about leaks and hoarders non stop in circles. It's annoying.

Find something else in your life, other than remix leaks from a now defunct band.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 35 weeks ago

apex-twin wrote:

We call them hoarders.

They are a strange people, who cling on to rare things they have come to possess. They themselves feel special because of the attention their prizes bring.

Alas, someone else made those things and the hoarders have only the possession itself to hold on to. They think sharing those things devalues their person.

That's why some paintings are so expensive; some rich saps need an ego boost. Unreleased Guns songs fill a similar void.

Feeling big because they have other people's art under lock and key. Too bad. roll

They hoard them because they hold value and can be traded amongst each other for other tracks they don't have. Not to feel important.

#6 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 36 weeks ago

Eh, at least you guys have a government. At the moment ours is falling apart.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » LEAKS THREAD » 36 weeks ago

ZeroMortals7 wrote:

Talk about weirdos. GunsnfnRoses pedaling a fake 15 second Oklahoma clip. With 0 updates on when complete itw is coming. What a bunch of weirdos.


And please shut up about it. If it does ever leak, you'll know because people will talk about it.

You literally add nothing to this thread. At all. You're just annoying.

#8 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 37 weeks ago

I think that tarnishing the left with the sentiment that they’re all the extreme side of Antifa types is like tarnishing all right/conservative types as the alt-right types who drive cars through people.

What I think should not be ignored is the asks for civility are kind of going to be ignored when this admin says the things they say and does the things they do.

The tension and divide on both sides of the political spectrum (and this isn’t just in America, all over the western world) is huge right now. And the ones in charge aren’t doing anything to help it.

On the flip side all the institutions of US government and due process are still there. His travel ban only just got approved recently, and as much as I do think it’s a policy with xenophobic roots, it was not railroaded through and went through proper scrutiny in the courts.

And I think you guys have got to see things from Mitch’s point of view a bit here. I don’t know their background or what demographic they fall in to. But when the president uses dehumanising language like “animals”, “flooding in” etc to describe immigrants and those of Hispanic origin, it doesn’t help. And can fuel some of these reactions from both sides.

#9 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 37 weeks ago

Are we really criticising the side here that is Anti Fascism? Figured that would be a pretty agreeable stance.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION - Super Deluxe | Discussion Thread » 37 weeks ago

Move to the City 88 Acoustic is probably the best version of that song. It’s also the only good thing GN’R have released since 08.

If he has no intention of recording with Slash and Duff and no designs on doing a solo record he should just dump the Chinese Democracy Vault. Every last thing of it.

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