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#1 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 10 hours ago

mitchejw wrote:

Someone please explain to me why the fuck so many Republicans ran on the premise that Obama was running up the the privileged white man is president and it’s ok to have deficits now?!? … 33045.html

Think you'll get a straight answer? lol

Anybody see that Nunes is suing Twitter? Reminds me of another snowflake I know, who also likes to threaten the use of lawyers when his precious little feelings are hurt.

Are there any group of people more pathetic than the GOP at this point? Their "victory" is that Trump's campaign manager is going to prison for a shorter term than recommended, even with 16+ more state charges in the pipeline. They're bragging about this. Furthermore they are STILL claiming "no collusion" even though we have evidence on its face and the investigation is on going. No report has been submitted that we are aware of yet. But here they are, claiming victory.

So Mitch, you ask why they don't give a shit about fiscal responsibility suddenly? They are complicit in the criminality of the executive branch en masse. They give fuck all about deficits and they don't care about the law, the COTUS or freedom of speech. Trump's still going at McCain, a fucking war hero! Nary a peep from the GOP. The "real Americans"  and the macho constituency who love the military, stand quietly as this draft dodging softy bashes a POW hero.  I've said it before and I'l stand by it, the GOP stand for nothing.

#2 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

bigbri wrote:

The trade deficit, Trump is going to have to own. But he won’t. He promised it would shrink under his leadership and deal-making. It has grown. I don’t know how you get around that he’s failed in this area.

Democrats want to kill babies after they are born...

Trump 2020

#3 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

mitchejw wrote:

Seems like you keep forgetting I’ll be happy to remind you.

Willfully ignorant is a republican trait for sure.

#4 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

Smoking Guns wrote:

Lol, another sweeping investigation... this shit is going to win Trump another term. The more they try to remove trump on this shit vs. policy, the less chance they have to win. Makes the dems look so pathetic.

So only the Dems are investigating Trump?

Randall Flagg wrote:

I didn’t vote for Trump last time, but given a choice between him and a Harris or a Warren, and it’s not a hard choice to make.

Vote for the racist traitor whose had a half a dozen indictments and prison time for his administration in the first two years of his presidency, and is facing multiple felonies for various frauds for a female democrat.

Tough choice, I know.

You're both out to lunch.

#5 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

Smoking Guns wrote:

Kamala has zero shot in winning. She can’t beat Trump. She is such a phony.

A trump supporter calling somebody else a phony...doesn't that take the cake?

#6 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

PaSnow wrote:

I'm beginning to think Mueller 'gave' this part of the case over to SDNY due to if Trump was tried on a Federal case he could resign & Pence pardon him. I also think the funneling of money/laundering to Trump is what this case is going to be about. This isn't going to go well.


It's been reported that Mueller has referred quite a few things out to the southern district of NY. I'd agree that Mueller is doing that to cover his bases, but I also believe that he is simply tasked to a specific investigation and any other crimes that comes up that aren't directly related, like Cohen's did, got picked up by another agency.

By the time Trump is done in office he'll be facing insurance fraud, banking fraud, money laundering etc. They are going to RICO his stupid ass, just like they do with organized criminals.

The investigation into his criminality are actually heating up not winding down. Mueller may or may not be coming to a conclusion, but even if he wrapped it up next week, it's far from over.

#7 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

mitchejw wrote:

Are you that fucking dense?

Willfully and arrogantly.

#8 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 2 weeks ago

buzzsaw wrote:

We get it mitch...he's an idiot when he does the wrong thing and an idiot when he does the right thing.  You've been parroting this for almost 3 years now. 

We all acknowledge that there's absolutely nothing he can do short of dying that will make you happy.   I've just saved you from having to post in this thread until the next election.  Use that time to learn something about politics instead of repeating what you hear from your liberal sources as fact.

Trump is a criminal, pathological liar, racist and traitor to this country.

No "liberal source" needed, you can read plenty of conservatives say this, in fact the WSJ has played a pivotal role in breaking stories about this lunatic. One conservative after another has been cited here, one conservative after another have brought charges against Trump's inner most circle, one conservative after another has said we should vote for Democrats in the last election. You weirdos ignore this and claim they're all bias or dishonest.

You seem upset that people are telling the truth about Trump and want to lash out at them instead. Says a lot about you...

#9 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 3 weeks ago

PaSnow wrote:

1. He said Roger Stone was in touch with Trump re; Russians having the DNC hacked emails. That isn't 'knowledge' of collusion?
2. He wrote a check in 2017 for hush money to a porn star he banged that he hid to win the election. Yeah, who cares, but it is a crime AND he stated on Air Force One he didn't know anything about it (also not a crime, but the optics of it are horrible)
3. Dems likely gained traction in regards to obtaining tax returns.
4. He also heavily implied the Trump family knew about alot of the Russia thing.
5. Sure, he didn't supply evidence, but Mueller might. And Cohen may have only brought up topics in which he knew Mueller had the evidence.

Trump was implicated in many felonies today. But in regards to Russia, he was in contact with wikileaks via Roger Stone (as you said) and knowing about the DNC email dump ahead of time. Cohen also said he (Trump) knew about the Trump Tower meetings with the Russians and lied about that. He also directed Cohen to lie to Congress and the American people about any contact with Russia in regards to Trump Towers in Russia. Cohen also couldn't answer other questions, because Trump is now under investigation by the state of NY and Cohen is a witness in that process as well. There are more criminal conspiracies under investigation right now and probably will be for years. 

What the liars want is "concrete evidence" (which they'd never accept anyway) of collusion or a conspiracy, which will never happen obviously. This isn't a marvel comic movie. People don't sit around a table, draw up plans and conspire. The evidence is provided by things like we saw today and a conclusion is drawn from a series of events. These are the same assholes that demanded we "prove" Saddam didn't have WMD and then lied later and said he did anyway. No amount of proof is enough, no matter how obvious it is.

This is what we saw today as a country. Mueller has known for many months, and we also have two days of closed testimonies to our representatives where more sensitive information will be divulged.

You're either with the traitor or you're not. Republicans decided to die on the hill today for Trump, while the whole world watched in awe.

#10 Re: The Garden » US Politics Thread » 3 weeks ago

PaSnow wrote:

I will say this, its getting big again. Tomorrow could be a monster news day.

Trump has so many things going against him, people forget that Cohen has implicated him in a felony already-campaign finance. Tomorrow he'll tell us more of what we already know, Trump is a liar, con, cheat, racist etc, but we'll also hear some other things too I'm sure.

Yes it will be a big news day-absolutely 100%. The POTUS's personal attorney is going to testify to the criminality of Donald Trump before he himself heads off to prison. That alone is fucking nuts! The enormity of this seemed to just get swept up into all the other Trump insanity whipping around 24/7.

What's worse, is Mueller has already referred out several issues to the southern district of New York. They'll start going after Trump for his financial crimes next. He's going to get chewed up and spit out by the time this is all over. He's completely screwed. I wouldn't be surprised to see him criminally charged on the state level, and he should be, by the time he leaves office.

All the Trump stooges will say the same things: Everybody is lying, liberal conspiracy, "no credibility" take it with a grain of salt....blah blah blah. If Cohen lies this week, Cohen faces a shit ton more time in prison. He's already made a deal, the last thing he's going to do is get up there and lie to Congress now. He'll probably bring documents in to support his stories as well, which I'm sure Mueller has already anyway.

Get your popcorn ready.

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