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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » Rolling Stone: The Search for Guns N’ Roses’ Lost Masterpiece » 21 weeks ago


I think that summed up everyone and everything quite well. I was part of the money thing. I gave a trusted friend of mine an small sum of money and he gave it whoever and this guy went off to get the CDs. At that point GNR didn’t interest me as much as it did in 1999 – 2009 but I was still onboard to get my hands on some of this unreleased stuff. I got the money back as well, and from what I was told it was GNR-money so I gave away some of mine and got some GNR money back. I didn’t know we were only 5% though. It seems the entire forum mindset was after the same. I guess that’s the hardcore bunch and the rest of the 95% is just a large SCOM-brigade.

#2 Re: The Garden » Do you believe in ghosts? » 95 weeks ago


For me, it's not as much about "do you believe" as in "what is it". Just like with UFOs, the term "ghost" sort of creates a dumbed down media stigma with a giggle factor. In all seriousness, this thing we call “ghosts” should be looked into further as I am convinced there’s something going on. I would recommend a change of name though to get rid of the taboo baggage.

I don’t know what it is, but it exists and its unpredictable and extremely hard to understand or come to terms with. It is a mixed bag with several types of phenomena. But it’s there.

I’ve experienced a few paranormal events or “situations” – I think most people have. From things turning on by themselves to premonitions and even strange lights in the sky. However, it is the 2016 “event” that changed things.
From February to June I was in complete turmoil as my marriage had failed. I was constantly thinking of what to do next and plan accordingly like the adult that I was. I felt – at the time – I only had one shot at getting it “right” next time. I pressured myself immensely about making the right decisions for the future without knowing what the future would bring.
And then, someone came.

Never before or since have I had this sensation or experience. It was like another person transferred feelings of care and love to me and used my human, biological traits for the cause. I have always cared for my mother, like most do, but suddenly this was jacked up to new heights. I had no idea what was going on, but clearly someone was trying to communicate with me through my own emotions. In May I had not told my parents about my marriage breaking up yet, and I was struggling to tell them. I was driving home from them one night and I was thinking out loud how no one knew.

“But I know,” was the message that came to me.
There was two consciousness types within me and it was shocking to be part of.

By late May I was quite convinced this personality/consciousness that had entered me or stayed close to me was my grandmother on my mothers side. I never got to know her well due to sickness, and I remember being equally fascinated and pleased with actually having some form of “new” relationship to my grandmother 22 years after she passed. It was very, very personal. And the level of compassion that flowed into me from this external source was breathtaking. Her care for me, and for her daughter (my mother) was completely off the charts.

This lasted for some months, and then it started to disappear. I had made some decisions by then.

People will say it was only me being emotional. However, my real emotional reactions to the marriage breaking up only came later that fall. And I tried once again to find this mental state I had that spring of someone being there trying to call upon whatever it did that to me that spring. I did not find it or feel it again, and I could not awake or call it back. It stayed while I was trying to make decisions and I was left with my struggles once I was on my way. I have never, ever felt it since.

Instead of trying to brush it aside like it was me playing games with myself, I have chosen to embrace the event, and accept that consciousness is not dying with the body. Some of these so called mediums and spiritualists are onto something, and I felt it back in the spring of 2016.

#3 Re: The Garden » Posters who vanished long ago.... » 95 weeks ago


Thanks guys, I remember you to PaSnow. I recognized a lot of nicknames but I also see there's been a few leaving. It's only natural I guess.

#4 Re: The Garden » Posters who vanished long ago.... » 95 weeks ago


My God you're still here. For me these days, GNR doesn't take full focus. Hardly anything at all. GNR is only fun when it's unpredictable. Like Absurd. When it's not, I loose interest. But I'll try to remember the community and perhaps circle back to forums and stay off social media.

#5 The Garden » Mental girls » 350 weeks ago

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This girl got in touch with me on FB. I knew her slightly from waaaaay back. Quite cute, a bit "worn out" after kids and stuff.
Anyway, she went all in. Like fucking mental in love type of thing. She was all over me. Spamming me with messages. I tried to sneak in a few questions here and there, like if she actually wanted more kids. She was all for it. She was like that meme you see online with the webcam girl looking slightly mental.

So I'm like, nice, I'll get involved.

Three weeks later, and she comes down like a ton of bricks. She went as high as she went low. Suddenly she did a 180 degrees turn. She stops cold in her tracks. From being massively in love with me, and suddenly she only wants to be friends. I have no desire to be friends with her really so I said "friends are for losers" and big farewell.

My God what a fucking ride. That was mental. I didn't know these types existed. I'm telling you, I didn't do shit. She was just that mental.

Honestly, what an experience to see that mental state of mind up close.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » The Feud » 354 weeks ago


It's hard to judge the present. I'm not gonna say he's "never been happier". The truth always comes out a few years down the road when you can look back and judge the situation. Maybe Axl will come out and say "yeah, 2016 was so fucking good for us" maybe he won't.

But considering they had a war going on for decades and then patched things up on the phone, well, perhaps it wasn't all that complicated after all. Axl won, he got his way. Slash caved. Perhaps that's just as good.

#7 Re: The Garden » Star continues to baffle scientists » 356 weeks ago


As a long time dedicated follower of these things as well as alien visitation of planet Earth, this is interesting. However, every "weird" observation in the Universe up until now have all been explained by natural events. This one, still, Dodges that bullet, but like the guy says, it's a last possible solution to say it's a dyson sphere. I have to say I thought the mystery would have been explained by now, so good stuff, I like a mystery.

As for advanced alien civilizations. As the universe is infite, there's also an infinate number of paths life can take - which means the possibility of advanced alien life is shockingly high. If this is it, I don't know, but it should be closely followed.

Recently, the most interesting part of more terrestrial tales is the Stardust Ranch in Arizona. The interview of the owner of that place tells a story which is just bizarre. Either he's full of shit or he's right. Both solutions are almost as interesting - if you're into both psychology and UFOs.

#8 Re: The Garden » Awkward story » 356 weeks ago

PaSnow wrote:
Randall Flagg wrote:

Is flag code for something?  Why would you bring a flag with you unless you were going to a rally?

I'm confused over this too.

She said bring a flag. Celebrate their...well...whatever they were doing. It's just used as a greeting, like "welcome".

#9 Re: The Garden » Awkward story » 356 weeks ago


Just to clarify the "flags are gay" thing. It's a thing we do. I've known her for years, and it's just a funny thing we say. It's neither here or there really. Comes from a guy we both know. He states most thing are gay - think he got it from Two and a half men or something.
Oh well, she sent me a few messages over the weekend, so no biggie, but I'm not doing any "meet and greet" any time soon.

#10 The Garden » Awkward story » 356 weeks ago

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I've been trying to get into good shape this summer, and I am.

So, today this girl I have a thing for was doing this odd roundtrip on public transportation with her friends. I thought I would bike over to one of their stops, as it's just on my way when I'm out biking anyway. And I like her, so, why not. I send her a text and she's like "cool, bring a flag will you". I reply "flags are gay, but I'll do it.". Just because it's her.

So I bike off. It starts to rain immediately. I think "fuck it, I'll do it anyway", and bike for 25 minutes soaked to the bone. I get there fifteen minutes early because I'm actually in good shape. So, I'm standing at the bloody bus stop cold and wet with a bloody flag in my hand. The bus shows up, stops, and these girls get off. And here's the good part; they go the opposite way of me. No one spots me. Not her either. I have to run after them saying "heeeeeey". No one notices. It comes to the point where I start smacking her with my flag to get noticed.

I follow them down to a local fast food thing, but I quickly get my ass out of there. Quite uncomfortable, and fucking wet and cold.

Now, if that wasn't awkward, nothing is.

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