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#2 Re: Guns N' Roses » Richard Fortus Interview on Guns N' Roses » 12 weeks ago

metallex78 wrote:

It’s weird to me that Axl wanted Bumble in there after Bucket left.

Fortus could easily play all of Buckets parts. Between him and Finck, I can see how all the guitar parts would be covered. But then Fortus was put back to rhythm player behind Bumble and Finck.

For someone with talents that he has, I can see how he’d not be happy with the addition of Bumble

yeah, especially since before Axl got BH to replace Finck he almost got Fortus to replace him.  but then when Paul didn't want to tour, that is when Axl got Fortus.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Josh Freese interview on Chinese Democracy/Buckethead/Maynard » 12 weeks ago

"One thing that I really took away from it, that I like - and I always think it's kind of funny when people are discussing 'Chinese Democracy' - this record that supposedly cost so much money, it took so much time: I wrote the title track, I wrote the song 'Chinese Democracy' and actually wrote the lyrics."

Josh wrote the lyrics too. damn

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Tracks on the album better than the Rough Mixes » 12 weeks ago

Wagszilla wrote:

If you've seen What Dreams May Come then you'll know that "This I Love" would've been absolutely perfect for it.

Who knows what the old version was like. A poppier version could've helped cut the saccrine moping but it still fits.

But it's also a cult flick. Maybe big money wasn't on the table and Axl wasn't about to let one of his precious babies go.

The director didn't want the song. He passed.  Axl wanted it on the soundtrack.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Tracks on the album better than the Rough Mixes » 13 weeks ago

elevendayempire wrote:
James wrote:

Yeah that's a good post but I don't believe Sorry isn't about Slash. It's pretty obvious. If he didn't want people jumping to that conclusion or not buying his denial, maybe he shouldn't have spent years pissing and moaning about him. Hell...even Beta was obsessed with him to the point she would spend hours talking about him on the phone with MSL.

It's about Slash. It also sounds like it's aimed at fans too.

Axl literally said it's not about Slash.

Axl lies all the time.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Tracks on the album better than the Rough Mixes » 13 weeks ago

Rocky wrote:
otto wrote:

Street of Dreams to me is the most obvious about Slash song.
IRS and Madagascar about the old band breakup

We all impose our interpretation based on what information we have, but none of us know this.  The Blues could just as easily be about Seymour, Everly, Duff, his mailman or a dog that died. We have no idea what combination of events and creative liberties occurred through the first 40 years of his life to inspire the various lyrics.  Sure, I think This I Love is about Seymour, because it was written in that era originally and Axl publicly said the breakup was hard on him.  That's one relationship out of many this man had that inspired his poetry?  I have no idea of any of the other relationships that didn't cover the front of Rolling Stone or serve as the basis for the trilogy of videos.

This I love is 100% about Steph.  One of the versions at the end had Axl saying I love you Stephanie.  But Axl had the producer delete that version of the song back in the day.  Also Axl wanted a song for Dylan to show how he felt about Steph and TIL was that song.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Tracks on the album better than the Rough Mixes » 13 weeks ago

PaSnow wrote:

Which movie was TIL rumored to be in?

The Robin Williams one, what dreams may come.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » Tracks on the album better than the Rough Mixes » 13 weeks ago

slashsfro wrote:
James wrote:

I warmed up to it a bit years later but it's a song I never listen to.

I would like to hear the original version someday. I don't believe that the master tape was destroyed.

I think I tried listening to it a while ago and couldn't make it through the entire song.  I would like to hear the original and whatever demos of that song too; only because it's origins were from the Illusion era.

its not like the lyrics will be different. Maybe the vocal track. But the original was just Axl and a piano and that was it.
It was so bad the director of that movie rejected the song.  Who the hell would ever reject a GnR song unless it was shit. And this was in the mid 90s when GNR was still huge. So just think about that for a minute.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » Who wrote Oklahoma? » 13 weeks ago

James wrote:

It's actually not that strange when you think about it.

The band had never had a revolving door of musicians....until that point.

It's pretty strange. IMO it's the last thing they needed at that point in time. It's diluting everything, they're quickly losing the plot, and how can issues get resolved in such an environment?

I suspect Axl wasn't really running a "parallel GN'R" with people like Sid Riggs and Gary Sunshine; they were there to lay down tracks on Axl's demos that he was presenting to the band.

The shadow lineups thing is an established fact. Were they actually IN one of these lineups or just orbiting them? We don't know... although I do lean more in your direction when it comes to these specific guys.

I'm amazed that anyone could keep track of the whole thing. On top of various concurrently running lineups, there's instrumentals on the Village Sessions discs that are clearly not even GNR.... it's Bucket, Brain, Scaturro, and God only knows who else.

Can you imagine any band not named Steely Dan operating like this?

Prom Violence, Billionaire, Dub Suplex, real doll, and a few others are clearly stuff BH did with Brain and brought to Axl.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Who wrote Oklahoma? » 13 weeks ago

James wrote:

Here's an interesting quote for those who believe some of the Village Sessions originated before the CD era officially kicked off.....


"You played in a rather bizarre version of Guns n Roses in the mid-90s - Sid Riggs was on drums I believe, who else was involved? Paul Tobias?

KB: Well now, keep in mind Sid and I were recording on demos. Paul was involved. If you talk to him, tell him to call me too. He’s a great guy. As for the recordings, across the mixer were such people as Slash, Zakk, Matt, Duff, Dizzy, and a host of others. We were all a part of putting tracks down on the demos. So, it was never a "version" of the band. It was fun though... The only time I really talked to [Axl] was up at that particular Halloween party at his house. He was never there when I was doing any playing. He told me he liked the bass parts and asked if I was getting paid on time, gotta love that. " (Krys Baratto, Sp1at, 04/15/05)


Absolutely bizarre. A huge revolving door WHILE Slash, Duff, and Matt were still in the band.

Since at least some version of Oklahoma existed, even if incredibly basic( like Soundgarden's Lemon Days, first demo of Fell On Black Days) in 1994....its possible (likely) that this revolving door of musicians worked on it...even if only fleshing it out in a jam session.

This would be 1994-96.

Zakk was jamming with GNR in 1995.


We have been doing mostly Axl's material. (Slash chat, 10/16/96)

We are working on rock songs that last only 4 minutes (laughs). We already did 7 songs and we will write 7 others. (Matt, 09/23/96)

The songs are really good, and I have a good vibe about it. (Slash, Kerrang, 09/21/96)


7 songs that are 4 minutes in length?

Matt... would one of those happen to be Oklahoma which clocks in at 4:21?

I think rebel came from those sessions since it sounds like something Zakk would write.

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