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#1 Re: The Garden » Current Events... » 11 weeks ago

Damn...retaliation attacks started against Iran

#3 Re: The Garden » Merry Christmas ya filthy animals » 15 weeks ago

Wife and I got to see John Oliver Standup show on Dec 28...was hilarious

Drove around a few places to visit family amd freinds

Hosted freinds on Xmas Day for dinner

#4 Re: The Garden » What do you do for work? » 17 weeks ago

I work for an high rise condos mostly

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » What happened to Axl's voice? » 24 weeks ago

Lol ... pretty much

He was 25 when AFD came out...hes 61 now

#8 Re: The Sunset Strip » Matthew Perry Dead » 25 weeks ago

RiP...dude was pretty funny

#9 The Sunset Strip » Matthew Perry Dead » 25 weeks ago

Replies: 7

Died today of drowning in a jacuzzi

No drugs found at scene

#10 Guns N' Roses » Rank the Post CD Songs » 25 weeks ago

Replies: 46

So Absurd, Hard Skool, Monsters, Perhaps, The General

How are people ranking the new material released in the past couple years?

Give us your list 1-5

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