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#1 Re: Guns N' Roses » It's happening. » 33 hours ago

God gnr fans are so ever optimistic...

#2 Re: The Garden » Drinkin’ with Wasted » 35 hours ago

I poison is red wine or vodka these days

The odd day I'll have a few beers

But my heavy drink days are well behind me

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » The Irishman » 4 days ago

I enjoyed it, watched it all in one go ... and all performed amazing in the movie ... but it was a long one...i geard from alot of people that they needed 2 or even 3 sessions to finish watching

#5 Re: The Sunset Strip » The Irishman » 9 days ago

Onceuponatime is killer

Watching irishman right now

#6 Re: The Garden » NFL 2019 » 11 days ago

Dang...i was terrible this year....

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 2 weeks ago

I watched The Kid

A movie about Billy the Kid (Dane DeHaan) / Pat Garrett (Ethan Hawke) with a crappy over arching story about a boy and his sister who killed their father for beating their mother to death then going on the run from their deranged uncle (played by Chris Pratt)

It was a good retelling of the last days of Billy...relatively historically accurate...but the boy and the sister story was kinda lame

Was cool to see Pratt play a bad guy...

If u like westerns give it a watch

#8 Re: The Sunset Strip » Black Crowes reunite » 3 weeks ago

I went to alot of concerts in my younger days...its too expensive anymore tho...and i wanna be close to the stage but its a young mans game up

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » Black Crowes reunite » 4 weeks ago

I've really only been a fan of their singles...

#10 Re: The Garden » Drinkin’ with Wasted » 5 weeks ago

^Such a good wine, tho i prefer malbec

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