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#1 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 6 days ago

They are all produced in the same manner...i guess if the wrestler is interesting to you  then its a better epeisode

I was mostly wwf/wwe fan when i watched wrestling so...

#2 Re: The Garden » The Wrestling thread » 6 days ago

My daughter and i have been watching wrestling docs...

We have seen beyond the mat and both seasons of dark side of the ring...what should we watch next?

#3 Re: Dust N' Bones & Cyborg Slunks » Axl & Slash guest on Sweet Home Chicago » 7 days ago

Thats pretty fucking awesome, thanks for sharing

#4 Re: The Garden » who all here owns a gun? » 8 days ago

I've never even held a real gun.

#5 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 10 days ago

So media up here is reporting that Pelosi said that the house will vote for Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment tomorrow...if he doesnt do it they will impeach him a 2nd time

#6 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 13 days ago

James wrote:
bigbri wrote:

New Trump video



He was definitely told by more powerful and/or more badass people that his shit show is over.

He's just reading a teleprompter and all his false bravado is gone. He even had to condemn his own base.

This is Trump eating crow. It's not a bad speech but I'm not giving him credit because if he had any say whatsoever, it's an entirely different speech. It would've been rants about fake news, Antifa, congratulating the "patriots" who went there to "stop the steal" and more gaslighting and grifting.

It's over.

Can't wait to find out the behind the scenes story regarding what really happened. Probably won't hear about it until he's out of office.

It's going to be blue skies from here on out until he leaves. On his part anyways...his hardcore supporters on the other hand....

Did he really say that his "focus is on a smooth, seamless and orderly transition"

Bruh lol

#7 Re: The Garden » Current Events Thread » 2 weeks ago

What the actual fuck...

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » What Gn’R related thing still excites you? » 2 weeks ago

Oh the irony...

Yesterday's got nothin' for me
Old pictures that I'll always see
I ain't got time to reminisce old novelties
Yesterday's got nothin' for me

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » Most Recent Movie You've Seen » 2 weeks ago

PaSnow wrote:
slashsfro wrote:

Cruise is incredible really.  This is his fifth decade where he's still near the top of the Hollywood food chain.  A lot of his contemporaries have just flamed out (Depp) or just gotten really old (Arnold).  Not a lot of people can say that in the history of the business.

No doubt. His list of movies is incredible. Personally tho I prefer Pitt & DiCaprio, as well as their body of work (Fight Club, Wolf, Django, Oceans 11 etc) but you're right he's been around like 10-15 years longer than them and has like monster hits while those guys sorta had gap years or a 3-5 year lull.

Did u watch once upon a time in hollwood yet?

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » What Gn’R related thing still excites you? » 2 weeks ago

The only thing exciting to me about gnr in the past 10 years is that my daughter recently has discovered them.

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