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#1 Re: The Garden » Covid 19 » 10 weeks ago

mitchejw wrote:
PaSnow wrote:

Just curious Mitch, what is it you do?  Sell medical equipment to consumers, or hospitals & practitioners.  Are you like a spreadsheets/business/managerial accounting type?  Or do you work for a larger company, like franchisee. Just curious.

Honestly, I've been reluctant to share that information given past experiences here...

I own a business that provides therapy to children with autism. An experimental therapy that actually proved so effective that private insurance companies started covering it.

This therapy actually teachers young children to speak and develop when development isn't occurring naturally.

You have my respect for being involved in that.....and I sincerely hope you can continue in some shape or form. Good luck.

#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Message to Rick » 33 weeks ago

Could you have pm'd him instead of starting a thread on it?

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Who leaked these songs and why? » 35 weeks ago

Scabbie wrote:

not only do we get leaks we get the ‘whodunnit’ angle as well. Awesome

Yeah man, I imagine the chairman to be the baddie from Inspector Gadget!

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Quick Song Disc » 35 weeks ago

That outro, I'm loving that, awesome.

#7 Re: Guns N' Roses » Atlas Full Song Discussion » 38 weeks ago

bigbri wrote:

Terrible really. What a disappointment.

My thoughts too. Elusive songs get talked up by hoarders, but really they are just demos and rough sketches. Certainly nothing 'epic' about this.

Yeah it's interesting, and yeah I wanna hear it. But don't believe the hype. There's a reason these haven't been released by the band, and they ain't holding back any big guns, its just demos 'n sketches.

#8 Re: Guns N' Roses » My message to those who have atlas shrugged » 40 weeks ago

PaSnow wrote:

lol, thanks everyone for seeing my vision on the take of it. Always reminds me of an old SNL/Star Trek Convention skit: … kies/n9511

(Really about 2:30 where it really gets rolling & hits home about us as Guns fans.)

I'd be totally into it, and would be interesting for my other half who only knows the edges of all this crap. Can't believe that for my 30th birthday in Feb 2006 my and the wife went on a road trip holiday, and listened to nothing but the leaks from back hear I am 13 yrs later, still checking on forums on grabbing the leaks when they drop.....oasis in the parched barren desert of GnR new music. All the stories, characters, blags, feuds, deals and disaster....its crazy. But only a few really know all the shiz, and I aint one of them! Would be great to have it all in a crazy documentary, props for even thinking about it.

#9 Re: Guns N' Roses » anyone hear the atlas clip leak » 40 weeks ago

Its good, I like it, straight up rocker.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » anyone hear the atlas clip leak » 44 weeks ago

Leaker's Revenge wrote:

For those who don't have it:

[links removed]

axl 13

Respect for that!

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