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#3 Re: Guns N' Roses » Happy 10th anniversary, Chinese Democracy! » 2 weeks ago

Amazing really that the post CD era is now basically as long as wait was for CD itself.

Be interesting to see which decade fans remember more fondly, 98-08 or 08-18?

Post CD certainly seems to have gone quicker but that may be more to do with me than anything GNR related. I only really picked up the CD saga in 04 but that 4 year wait felt like an eternity.

#4 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses tour to continue through 2017(and beyond) » 3 weeks ago

Video won’t play, which show was it from, Taiwan?

To be fair he’s been nailing Shadow consistently since they first started playing it.

#5 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses tour to continue through 2017(and beyond) » 5 weeks ago

It might be the last time we see him for a little while.

#6 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses tour to continue through 2017(and beyond) » 5 weeks ago

Tour fires back up again this weekend. Not expecting anything new but a couple of different deep cuts would be cool.

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » Bohemian Rhapsody » 7 weeks ago

It’s possible their popularity trajectories were entirely different for the UK and US. The film is supposedly about their rise (70’s), fall (early 80’s) and rise again (Live Aid). As I didn’t live it I can’t really say but it’s like they lost relevance and then after Live Aid people remembered how good they were and went from almost ‘has beens’ to legendary over night.

#8 Re: The Sunset Strip » Bohemian Rhapsody » 7 weeks ago

I think it was announced he had AIDS only a day or two before he died.

Can’t speak for the U.S. but Queen were pretty big in the late 70’s as far as I can tell. Then they dipped a bit in the early 80’s and lost some relevance before the legendary Live Aid performance which catapulted them back back to the big time. They were a stadium band after that until Freddies illness.

I remember reading that there was a big backlash in the U.S. to the video for I Want To Break Free. It turned a lot of people off them at the time supposedly.

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » Halloween (2018) » 7 weeks ago

Saw it the other night. Thought it was average but nothing more. Not a major fan of the series in general though so perhaps it was better for diehard fans of the franchise. People I didn’t give a shit about got stabbed was about all I took from it.

#10 Re: Guns N' Roses » Guns N' Roses tour to continue through 2017(and beyond) » 8 weeks ago

I’m not sure Metallica is the best yardstick anyway. There’s crossover of course but GNR has a much more mainstream appeal than Metallica does. I’d be looking more at someone like Foos to give an indicator on album numbers. Mainstream appeal but not a young band anymore, still playing stadiums and despite regular radio play not had a major hit single for 10 years.

With all that said I’m not even sure album sales are a barometer of anything anymore. It still mattered certainly in the early CD era but in 2018 with so many different ways to consume music I don’t know if traditional album sales indicate much.

The question is can GNR tour stadiums again in 2 years time without new material? If the answer is yes then it’s unlikely there’ll be too much pressure to release anything. The unknown is whether the return of Slash and Duff has lit a fire under Axl creatively. If it has then we may get something regardless of whether they ‘need’ to in order to keep the stadium tours afloat.

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