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#1 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 12 weeks ago

Tried really hard to like the last episode but it did feel like a let down overall.

I think the main problem is that the show used to have a very well written plot with a depth to it where cool moments such as battles etc would occur because of the consequences of the characters actions. They were plot driven, organic moments. Somewhere along the line that seemed to flip and the big moments became the whole point of the show and the how and why of getting to each moment didn't really matter as long as they got there. They continued to deliver those moments well (very well to be fair) in terms of spectacle but the emotional connection was lessened.

Danys heel turn for example should have been an emotional gut punch but just got handled all wrong. There were subtle (and some not so subtle) moments throughout the whole show that she had the Targaryen madness in her but it just seemed to go from 0.5 to 11 in the space of one episode.

I'll be interested to see if Bran ends up King in the books because if he doesn't it reeks of them just choosing someone who nobody was picking just for lame surprise value. Again if Bran was always GRRM's intended King then no doubt it'll be done better and far less rushed.

There were bits I did like to be fair. I thought the gathering of the new small counsel was funny and a nice nod to the earlier seasons when those meetings were such a big part of the show. Jon killing Dany was fitting and done well as was Brienne updating Jaime's Kingsguard biography.

I suppose in the end the Starks won which is what everyone wanted going back to season one but it still feels flat.

Oh and Arya sailing West has a distinct whiff of 'spinoff sequel cancelled after one season' about it.

#2 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 14 weeks ago

I’ve really enjoyed this season.

I look back on season 5 and 6 and I think there is a sense that a lot of it was circling around and treading water hoping GRRM would finish the next book. I think once the reality set in that he wouldn’t and they would have to finish the show without further source material season 7 and 8 have been better for it.

#3 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 14 weeks ago

From the show perpective probably nothing. It likely has more significance in the books. With 2 eps to go I’d be surprised if those two moments were key in and of themselves.

I guess Tower of Joy was to emphasise that his flashbacks were more than just that and he could actively alter events. Which then led us to the Hodor death/reveal.

Brans arc (in the show) to me has seemed more linked to the Night King than anything else. With the NK gone it may be that Brans arc is also largely concluded?

#4 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 14 weeks ago

Remind me of the time travel moment?

Next weeks preview looks like Tyrion sees or finds something significant in the throne room at Dragonstone?

#5 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 15 weeks ago

I think Euron will turn his back on Cersei when he figures the baby isn’t his. Tyrion mentioning it should be the clue that the baby pre dates Euron and Cersei fucking.

Then I think Jaime will save her bit then get killed himself.

I reckon Jon has to kill Dany in the end. Her madness will spiral out of control. He ends up as king but hates it, maybe hands it over to Sansa?

#6 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 15 weeks ago

Chill the fuck out guys it’s a GOT thread.

Watched the ep again, still really enjoyed it. That final 10 mins is really great tv, the suspense and tension is unreal.

On second viewing my two complaints are firstly that the night king didnt do more himself. He killed Theon but he’s not really known as a good fighter. They should have let him battle Beric or Jorah and had him kill them before Arya killed him. He came out of looking a bit weak imo.

Secondly we saw them all the ep before round the table strategising. Great minds and veterans of battle. They knew they were fighting an army where every soldier lost will be turned back on you. Preventing loss of life would be crucial. Their first move? Send all the Dothraki in to the gloom, unsupported and see what happens.

Nah not having that.

#7 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 15 weeks ago

I also thought the musical score was killer.

The director for this ep is also down as doing ep 5 so I expect that to be a big one as well.

#8 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 16 weeks ago

I loved it.

Surprised the death count on main characters was so low but I enjoyed it.

Dragon fights were a bit confusing and not sure which survived in the end.

I notice GRRM was involved in this one so you got to trust it’s what he wanted.

Does that make Arya the prince that was promised?

Overall though I thought it was great.

#9 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 16 weeks ago

Just caught up on ep 2.

Loved it, I think ep 3 could be unreal.

Got a feeling Dany may betray Jon though and kill him at the end of the battle.

Struggling to call who’ll die, Brienne I think and Jorah will get killed.

I’d have said Jaime and Tyrion as well but I think at least one of them will live as Bronn now has a mission to kill them.

The Hound should live as we need Hound v Mountain but maybe it’ll be White walker Hound v Zombie Mountain?

Arya is an interesting one, feels her story arc deserves more than being killed by a white walker somehow?

#10 Re: The Sunset Strip » HBO's A Game of Thrones » 24 weeks ago

I thought season 1 was about as faithful a recreation of book 1 as you could have really hoped for.

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