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Re: Tenet

AtariLegend wrote:
James wrote:

This film wound up being a popcorn fart. I've heard nothing about it. They really should've delayed it until next year. These types of films don't really work without a huge push and it being an "event".

There was a massive push, but you're right about next year. 5 people sitting in a cinema screen max (this part of the uk) was not exactly going to pan out well finacially.

The Bond film was just delayed till next year too aftrer being delayed till this winter.

There's no way Warner Brothers don't regret dropping Tenet in 2020.

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Re: Tenet

They had to try; no one knew whether people would go see a film in cinemas until someone took the plunge. And there was almost certainly pressure from the director, who's very big on the "cinema experience, shoot on film instead of digital" thing. I went to see it at an IMAX and, while it was fun, and I did enjoy having the cinema experience again, the whole audience felt a bit on edge. I don't see cinemas or other venues getting back to anything approaching normal until there's a vaccine.

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