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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

FlashFlood wrote:

With the Trunk leak I always thought “cool idea but needs more power”. I think Axl tried to get there on the album version, but it still lacks the raw power, rock vibe of AFD and UYI rockers like Right Next Door to Hell and You Could Be Mine like i thought it would have in finished form. Sounded better live than any recording.

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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

AgesOfTheIce wrote:

Always hated this song. An Axl rant pasted over a boring instrumental with almost no melody, and incredibly lame lyrics in the chorus. I like the sound of the guitars better in the Village demo, but that's it.

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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

monkeychow wrote:

This is one of the songs I think improved.

I like that we got a bucket solo added (and some bumble touches) but we still got to keep the weird Robin solo too.

My only gripe with it is when Axl did it live at Rock Am Ring in 2006 he delivered the last half of the song with a ton of passion and venom in the rasp....basically kinda screamed it more....and although he does the same tune on the feels restrained to me now....

That and i never liked the opening acoustic guitar much...but overall this is a great song.....when it gets rocking it really rocks...especially when Axl was channeling the anger that night.

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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

davegnfnr2k wrote:

IRS was always a garbage song. Never should have been on the album.

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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

Vale wrote:

I loved the leak we got in 2006, and the live version was even better. I still feel the album version is boring in comparison. It has lost energy.

The three leaks IRS, TWAT, Better were perfect in those versions. They should have been the singles in 2003...

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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

I always liked the choppy waka-waka guitar riff in the second verse of the '99 demo (which is sort of there in the final version, but buried under layers of effects). Wish they'd kept it.

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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

Also, love the lyrics. "Feelin' like I've done way more than wrong/Feelin' like I'm living inside of this song [...] Could it be the way that I've carried on/Like a broken record for so long".

Who says Axl doesn't have a sense of humour?

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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

James wrote:

I get why some people dislike it... it's repetitive...but I like it and sadly it's one of the best rockers they came up with.

I love how his megalomania is on full display here.

I finally warmed up a tad to that 99-00 version after listening to it for the first time in years after the Village Session leaks. The updated version with Bucket is superior in every way though.

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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

exoterica wrote:

Love it. Fun song.

I want a Sorry-ified acid version.

Haters Gonna Hate
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Re: Wtf happened to … I.R.S.

It is an okay song. Every version of the song is fine though I will say the 2003 version is the best. I always liked Axl's vocals on this song but the lyrics are very cringey. This probably would have been a better song to play live than Rhiad in 2002 (As would a lot of others due to Rhiad's vocals always not being good live IMO).

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