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Re: Axl named in "Rock #MeToo" documentary

Guns N’ Roses’ manager Vicky Hamilton let singer Axl Rose hide from the police in her house after a young woman pressed charges against him because: “My job was to look after the band.” (The case was dropped due to lack of evidence.) Going after youngsters was so prevalent that for the men, as Hamilton breezily puts it, “There was no shame in their game.” Sheila Kennedy’s subsequent description of her own time with Rose explains where it went instead. “I carried all the dirtiness of him … Why doesn’t he feel that? I can say this now – I didn’t deserve any of that. And shame on him.” … rock-stars

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Re: Axl named in "Rock #MeToo" documentary

Scabbie wrote:

I saw an article yesterday in our papers. Potentially difficult questions to be answered by a few rock stars. Makes you wander how you would feel about people you idolised if they are found guilty of abuse, particularly if minors are involved

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Re: Axl named in "Rock #MeToo" documentary

monkeychow wrote:

A few?

To be honest I think it's going to be all of them from the 60s to the 90s. Culture was different in those times, and some of the people around the industry are just that way....

I don't mean to make light of it - but I don't know where you'd even will have people dating underage, having underage sex, having sex with people under the influence of drugs, using drugs , selling drugs, using drugs to get sex, using sex and drugs to get backstage access, physical violence, emotional abuse, narcissistic stuff , predatory behaviour, all kinds of illegal stuff...and that's just the fucking crew and management...who can even know how bad it gets inside the actual fraternities of the bands themselves....but no doubt thousands of times worse.

It's one reason why i always found the outrage at sorum absurd, like have a look at what these people are like on a good day...Axl signs dizzy's girl's vulva, dizzy licks it off, matt gives bazz some loving tips on how to eat pussy, slash passes out and tommy lee takes polarides of Nikki Sixes balls in Slash's face....the crew of metallica is getting hot girls from the audience to prove they can "take the stick" in order to come backstage further...and that's the laughable anecdotes from the fun stuff they tell us for laughs in books and docos.....what the fuck happens on a bad day.....

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Re: Axl named in "Rock #MeToo" documentary

James wrote:

I don't mean to make light of it - but I don't know where you'd even will have people dating underage, having underage sex, having sex with people under the influence of drugs, using drugs , selling drugs, using drugs to get sex...

It's not just Rock's literally millions of people...back then and now.

If the world is gonna #metoo Rock stars for this, just #metoo the whole world and get it over with.

Guys don't need to be Axl Rose or Chris Cornell to fuck just need drugs, money, or be in a frat house on Friday night.

This kind of shit is getting out of control.

Randall Flagg
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Re: Axl named in "Rock #MeToo" documentary

Coincidentally, YouTube put a video in front of me the other day from an Oprah Winfrey episode from the late 80s where Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were the guests for the topic of groupies and rock stars.  If you show up backstage with your tits and ass cheeks hanging out, you have no one else to blame when everyone thinks you're there to blow the band.  The girls going backstage know this, and so do the bands.

I had front row tickets to see GN'R in 2016.   A couple of perfect 10s were sitting next to me, dressed exactly how girls who want to get backstage dress.  They told me they were friends of Frank's, and I was inclined to believe them.  Not 5 minutes later, Frank comes out, spots them, they waive at each other, and security comes to hand them passes and escort them backstage.  I joked to one of them "I want to go backstage too", and she laughed and said "It is what it is". 

Drugging someone and raping them as defined under legal codes is fucking wrong and anyone and everyone should be held accountable for that.  But if you choose to dress like a stripper, snort a couple of lines and go backstage with a member of the band, you don't get to claim regret afterwards.  No, your fantasy of your pussy being so amazing Axl Rose forgets he fucked Stephanie Seymour not manifesting isn't rape or abusing their power.  Anymore than if Lana Rhoades grabbed my dick and told me she has the perfect place to park it, would I be a rape victim if I followed through.

Nobodies looking for a payday capitalizing on the fact they spread their legs for a rock god in the late 1980s on the road in St Louis.  This kind of bullshit shouldn't be encouraged or sympathized with.

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Re: Axl named in "Rock #MeToo" documentary

polluxlm wrote:

This is a nothing burger. You can't expect to have rock stars bathe in young girls 24/7 without any incidents. The girls should just chop it up to youthful stupdity and move on, supposing this is just not another cash grab.

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