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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

Von wrote:

As an aside, Trent Reznor has announced a tour with the "reformed" NIN, but hasn't come foreward with any details other than that. It's not the last touring lineup. Is Robin back in NIN?

Scott Weiland just ditched VR for his old band STP. VR is seemingly done with.

I'm just saying...

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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

bigbri wrote:
Gretchen Wieners wrote:
Neemo wrote:

yeah..but do we read more into it than mere coincidence?

Axl defends Bucket yesterday then hires Andy Gould the next? things that make ya go hmmmm

Definitely an odd coincidence.

Just to throw another coincidence out there, BH sometimes plays the Halloween theme......and this guy produced the remake.

Bri, has BH stopped adding tour dates? The strange world of Buckethead is something to pay attention to in the coming months.

I have predicted for years that when CD is finally on the launch pad, Buckethead will be on board.

Bucket has been adding dates every few weeks. He's occupied through June

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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

James wrote:

I know he has some side project for later this year. If that gets delayed, its time for people to fasten their seatbelts......

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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

war wrote:
Gretchen Wieners wrote:

I know he has some side project for later this year. If that gets delayed, its time for people to fasten their seatbelts......

that would be an amazing turn

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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

Neemo wrote:

what was that big news thing that BH was gonna announce in "the coming weeks" i never did catch what it was gonna be hmm

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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

BLS-Pride wrote:

Damn. Good news. Step in the right direction that's for sure.

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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

Saikin wrote:
Gretchen Wieners wrote:

I know he has some side project for later this year. If that gets delayed, its time for people to fasten their seatbelts......

What's interesting as well is how Bumblefoot seems to be doing a lot of side projects right now, and recording and getting ready to release an album.  Now, if he's in GNR and they have management and CD is being released, don't you think he'd be apart of it... 

Too early to tell really, but it's very interesting to hear all this.

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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

sic. wrote:


It's OK to be excited at the moment. A lot of things have happened in the past 48 hours, and the world of GNR has taken a swift turn for better things. No tour dates, no release rumors. Just the acquiring of a top-flight management and the ( deceptively coincidental tongue ) Dr Pepper incident. If one wants to be cynical, the Pepper deal is currently no different from the Harley ad. H-D had an exclusive snippet of Better available at their site ( how legit can you get? ) before the plug was pulled. But there's definitely a new kind of movement with that giant with concrete legs.

Even so, as much as I'd like to see Bucket back in the fold ( along with Brain - and Ron and Frank demoted back to the GNR 'family' ) and tour the world with the band, it's far from happening. Bucket had a problem in the get-go with Axl's meticulous working habits. When Tom Zutaut came aboard in early '01, Bucket was about to leave. Zutaut brought him back. In October '01, Bucket was leaving again. Axl brought him back ( with the trip to Disneyland likely at this point ). Touring kept him around in '02; the strict Geffen deadline kept him in through '03. And that was that.

Since I've heard no fan or fellow musician ever to badmouth Bucket ( aside Axl ), he does seem to have some very rare characteristics of a genuine nice guy. Those qualities might've been the reason why he just didn't leave Axl a-hanging all those years ago, but decided to soldier on. But when the nice guy ( who happens to record and tour more than most of his peers ) starts frequently having second thoughts about the whole project, the man in charge should ask himself: "Am I doing something wrong?"

Bucket was having a bad time in the situation ( if not within the band ). He didn't want to revisit that in 2006. Why would he want to come back in 2008, if all that GNR can offer him is touring? He would've gotten that in '04 and '06. An album release is possible, but they probably promised him that in '06 as well. And even with the album coming out, he might've already passed all things GNR, including CD. If he has no need for the touring money, he might not have a single reason to come back.

Of course, I'd love to be proven wrong. I'd love to witness the ultimate lineup of the CD saga rip the stage apart when they'd open the vault doors and show what they were really up to in '00-'03. But still, I'm afraid seeking connections through horror film affiliations is clutching straws. If we choose to go that route, this might be a sign of times to come as well.

So I understand why you're hoping for it, but at the same time I feel it's too painful to even consider before actually seeing it with my own eyes.


A Private Eye
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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

Wow more apparently good news, I daren't believe things are truly happening, we've all been there before and it never ends well, but I'm getting cautiously optimistic about all this.

I don't see BH returning though, not based solely on this news anyway. Ron will still be lead guitarist of GNR when this album comes out imo.

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Re: Axl/GN'R have new management

Mikkamakka wrote:

This is the most promising news since Axl stated that 2006 was the year. I still can't believe that it'll get released, but hey, there is a chance now.

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