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Re: Prostitute

DCK wrote:

Considering the age of this song, it was written way before there ever was a Chinese Democracy saga going on. It was around even in 1999. I love the song and listen to it a lot. But the whole age of the thing doesn't make the idea that its about what thought here very plausible. However, your guess is as good as mine

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Re: Prostitute

gavgnr wrote:

I'm goin to get flamed for this, but for me this song surpasses NR and Estranged.

The lyrics get me every time...

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Re: Prostitute

DCK wrote:

I never was a huuuge fan of either NR or Estranged and think it comes close to them as well.

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Re: Prostitute

Neemo wrote:

no comment to the above 2 posts 16

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Re: Prostitute

Olorin wrote:

Well its probably not Axl displaying incredible powers of forsight, I agree the lyrics were written before the current quagmire so the relevance to specific recent events are probably coincidence.

I still believe its a story to the fans, even in 2000 the story of the new Guns N'Roses album was a pitiful saga. When GNR played Rio, at that time it still seemed like an eternity since the last performance.
Actually if you had been told then that it would still be a further 8 years for a new album, even the most skeptical believer would have trouble swallowing that one.

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Re: Prostitute

Axlin16 wrote:

Prostitute is not better than Estranged or November Rain, but it's right up there in the same league imo. TWAT too.

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Re: Prostitute

James wrote:
Axlin08 wrote:

it's formula seems a bit unbalanced.

That can be said about all the ballads on this album. Each is a good song at its core, but something is missing. I cant even pinpoint exactly what it is that's missing. I just know the songs don't hit me at a certain level like they should(or could).

I went ahead and played this track and it still does nothing for me. It has its moments musically, but its like my grandma's raisin bread if she forgot to add the raisins.

I'm listening to Voodoo Lounge right now, which is considered by most people to be a run of the mill Stones record. In my opinion, Out of Tears and Thru and Thru blow these CD ballads straight out of the water.

I prefer the more rock oriented tracks on this album, and I hope the next album is geared more towards that or is just a straight up Praxis retread. These half cocked, lukewarm ballads just aren't cutting the mustard on my musical palate. If there must be ballads, let them be ballads instead of songs fighting for an identity from start to finish.

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Re: Prostitute

RussTCB wrote:


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Re: Prostitute

PaSnow wrote:

Good song, not sure why there's alot of hate but there seem to be mixed opinions on the 3 latter leaks. I think you just smoked a little weed on your breakdown of it though.

Big Gun
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Re: Prostitute

Big Gun wrote:

james, it's missing tthe old members - that is slash izzy duff adler/sorum. i like cd a lot but i look at it as axl's solo record.

i always liked prostitute it's one of my favorites on cd.

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