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Re: Prostitute

James wrote:
bigbri wrote:

Hell, just come back with Brain, Bucket, Bootsy on bass and front Praxis. Let Bucket whip out some really crazy shit like circuit-bending and we'll have something interesting.

He should have been asked this when he did the chats. Not joining Praxis obviously, but whether or not he ever considered bringing them all onboard since he already had Bucket and Brain. Not a giant leap to hire Bootsy, Bernie, and even bringing Laswell in as producer. This could have happened with ease, and with the mindset of new GNR junkies, they all would have been worshiped before playing a note.

Exit Tommy......enter Bootsy

Exit Pitman.....enter Bernie Worrell

Let Laswell co produce it with Axl.

Would have been very interesting to say the least.

Also would have caused a reduction in band members as you don't need Fortus, Finck, and probably Dizzy as well when you got those guys at your disposal.

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Re: Prostitute

Axlin16 wrote:

That would be so fuckin' awesome... would never happen tho.

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