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Re: Web pioneer recalls 'birth of the Internet'

Axlin16 wrote:

God damn Lofton.

So when's Skynet gonna become self-aware? 14

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Re: Web pioneer recalls 'birth of the Internet'

James wrote:
-Jack- wrote:

It's debatable for sure imo.

Internet may be in it's infancy, but so is space travel. Space travel even more so. Who knows where humanity may go someday? Maybe we'll be traveling across galaxies in 3000 years...

So I think the internet is more important now, but who can say as time goes on. If humanity is one day interstellar or spread out across the universe I think looking back the moon landing will be much more important and telling of humanities accomplishments. IF we ever get there tongue.

There's not even a guarantee we can make it to the moon again, yet we supposedly did it 40 years ago with a computer that had the power of a modern day calculator.. 14

A manned mission to Mars or Venus isn't even feasible due to the distance. We can technically go there, but what happens if the craft breaks down? They'll all be dead before help arrives. You'll simply spend billions to give them a lavish funeral.

We would need major technological breakthroughs just to get to the nearest planet, and we're gonna need a breakthrough approaching the speed of light to even think about going to our nearest stars. If you're an astronomy buff, you know that reaching those speeds and traveling those distances is almost impossible. Like I said, gonna need some major advancements to even pipe dream about the possibility. Those advancements may never come. Since the birth of the Space Age, we've barely cut down the travel time of our probes.

James the internet itself won't be a "self-replicating being". It's just a bunch of servers and computers connected together over a bunch of wires and wireless signals. Still I do agree it is one of the most important inventions. Although I'd slow down with the whole Sci-Fi stuff. If something like that were to happen it would actually be a big, very powerful computer hooked up to the internet, not the internet itself. The internet is just a very very big Wide Area Network, that has been utilised very effectively by mankind. It would be another being attached to the internet doing the self-replicating, not the internet.

Had someone told you twenty years ago that computer chips would me made using living organisms, you would have said, "James, a computer chip itself wont be a living organism."

Now its reality. Yes, its in its infancy, but look at the net in the 80s compared to now. Now just imagine what this breakthrough will achieve in a quicker time frame.

I know what the internet is(thanks for the lesson though), and it has continually evolved since its creation. There has never been any real setbacks in its progression(can't say the same for space travel tongue ). Once computers themselves are fully functional organisms, it is not a leap to the internet's vast information becoming part of that organism as well.

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Re: Web pioneer recalls 'birth of the Internet'

mickronson wrote:

takes me back to a bbs I had with a 2400baud amstrad modem.  I was so pimp back then..

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Re: Web pioneer recalls 'birth of the Internet'

DCK wrote:

Space exploration will always the the win. Because without it, we will die. This planet won't be around forever and neither will the sun. We are already outgrowing the planet in rapid progress and we still have no way of getting off the damn thing.

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Re: Web pioneer recalls 'birth of the Internet'

apex-twin wrote:
James Lofton wrote:

The internet is the most important invention in the history of mankind.

I'd rate fire and the wheel above it, for starters.

BTW, I thought Al Gore invented the Internet. I mean, he did invent Global Warming. 14

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