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Re: This I Love

war wrote:

This I Love sounds absolutely amazing live.

It is uploaded on youtube more than any other chinese democracy song, including the radio released singles.

Since the studio version has no balls and it is an Axl song. I say re-record it with current lineup and release it, along with a live performance, as a single - packaged as a 2 for 1 on I-Tunes.


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Re: This I Love

Axlin16 wrote:

The studio version is one of the best songs will Robin's guitar is turned way down in the mix, allowing the orchestra to shine.

I will say the live version of TIL has gotten better and better as the 2010 band has gotten more comfortable with it and DJ has done his own thing with the guitar work.

I'm with you, I support a 2010/2011 remix with the current band. Make it more straight-forward guitar ballad, and I say drop the orchestra, just to see where it goes. No need to rehash the complete studio cut just for the sake of redoing the guitar.

Only way we'd probably ever hear it is as some sort of bonus on a future album "Disc 2" or maybe it's re-release/re-packaging.

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Re: This I Love

monkeychow wrote:

I love the studio version just as much.

The live version is cool too. I don't think the goal should be to re-do parts of CD at this stage, so much time was spent on that already. If the songs have evolved put out a live DVD for people to appriciate the live feel.

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Re: This I Love

Axlin16 wrote:

Yeah, it is kinda time to move on to a new album.

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Re: This I Love

DCK wrote:

Do it like they do live with DJ on the guitar. He never really go the Bucket way in GNR, keeping it do the classic solos, but he does it on TIL and he made it better.

Re: This I Love

johndivney wrote:

i'm w/russ on this1 - <3 robins solo, wouldn't change a thing about it. like what dj has done w/the solo live & i'd like 2 hear if bucket recorded a solo for it but as things r TiL is one of my fave cuts off CD..
i do agree an itunes EP/live album (esp the club gigs) should be the next step then new album..

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Re: This I Love

jamester wrote:

Release CD live with a few of the hits from the setlist as a soundtrac to that live footage they have. Sell TIL as a single with an unreleased song on the b side to hold us over while they head to the studio to put out fresh songs.

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Re: This I Love

Stepvhen wrote:

The live version  of TIL is heavy and raw I prefer it personally just cos the album one is a little over wrought at times for my taste.

I'm just looking forward to any new news on this new DVD

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Re: This I Love

James wrote:

If we were getting any B sides we would have got them with the two singles from the album.

I'm ready for album two. This one was old news even before it was released.

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