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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

PaSnow wrote:
bigbri wrote:

1917. Good, not great. The "single-take" thing is nice, but the story is just flat. Saving Private Ryan did a similar premise much better.

I saw it too and had similar thoughts. Its real good, but I feel SPR & Black Hawk Down are better overall war movies among others. Still good, single take starts to wane a bit. Makes the entire storyline a bit thin in hindsight. Also mustve played tricks somehow with timing.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

misterID wrote:

Jumanji 2. I actually love these movies, and this latest one was good, but felt mailed in. Totally forgettable villain (The Hound from GOT) but Awkwafina is hilarious. The Rock tried way too hard as Devito, while she nailed it.

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