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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

Neemo wrote:

Track 2 of Chinese Democracy is Shackler's Revenge, at first glance it seems to harken back to an OMG type of vibe, an industrial sounding track brought to the table by Brain and Buckethead

Much has been made about what the lyrical content is about, the initally comment we heard was that Bucket had an outline of a horror story and, along with Bootsy Collins, bucket wrote and recorded a track for Dragon Ballz, that Axl drew inspiration from "The Shackler", a serial killer along the lines of Jason or Michael Myres, and came up with the lyrics. Some have even suggested that the lyrics are about the GnR fanbase...."Don't ever, Try to tell me, How much you care for me, Don't ever, Try to tell me, How you are there for me, I don't believe there's a reason, I don't believe it" as a sentitment that alot of older fans have used, to justify their critism's was that they have been fans for years and bought tickets and merch so they had the right to bitch

It;'s been suggested, before the album's release that this track may have orig been Oklahoma or Seven (or both) but since Brain and Bucket got writing credits i think it was recorded in around the 03-04 time frame, whenever it was written and recorded it was a shock when the track was announced to be part of Rock Band 2 as the song title was totally unheard of before that time.

The guitar solo buried in the mix at the end of the track (from the 3:00 mark onward) is insane its a shame that it wasnt pulled forward more to show case it. the bumble solo in the middle i think can be described as schizophrenic 16 or bi-polar....the same decription intially was given to Better when it first leaked.

All in all, the lyrics themselves are quite catchy but the song never took also seems a bit out of place, IMO, on the album, i've toyed with the idea that maybe it was a last minute addition to the tracklist.

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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

FlashFlood wrote:

I've always loved this track. When it first leaked, it gained a lot of acclaim. It has since dropped to the bottom of a lot of people's CD ranks. I don't quite get it.

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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

bigbri wrote:

I'm with you Flash Flood. The chorus is catch as hell. One of the catchier ones on the whole CD. It's also a pretty kickass rocker, which everyone says CD needs more of, yet they don't like it. Ron's solo fits with the mood of the song, I think. Still, I wonder if there's version out there with Bucket on it.  Considering he helped write it, I'd guess there is.

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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

Rex wrote:

The school shooting explanation Axl gave made sense to me.

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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

BLS-Pride wrote:

I liked the song when it leaked and I still like it. For me one of the better songs off CD. Really dig the drumming on this track. And the guitars are well done as well.

2008 Intentions
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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

SR is awesome, the best intro,sç solo,chorus is perfect, i like the bass and drums.

Smoking Guns
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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

Smoking Guns wrote:

I hate the solo and intro.  Axl sounds good, after that, its a mess for me.

NY Giants82
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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

NY Giants82 wrote:

I love that song. Its grown more and more on me the last bit. The intro to me sound almost like a chainsaw. Perfect for that song.

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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

Axlin16 wrote:

This is a massively underrated song. Not counting Sorry, it's the strongest rocker on the album for me. It's a really great tune, that yeah is a bit late 90's, but still has an AFD-aggression in the song, that just makes you want to destroy.

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Re: Dissecting Chinese Democracy: Track 2 - Shackler's Revenge

faldor wrote:

Love this song too and also don't quite understand how so many people seemed to love it when it first surfaced and now say it's a mess, or don't like it anymore.  People went from saying it's a grower, to growing tired of it.  It's STILL growing on me, can't get enough ot it.  This song and "Scraped" I turn up as loud as possible when I play them.  People clamor for more rockers, yet slam the rockers on this album.  I don't get it, I love'em.  Also, Neemo, not sure you can say the song never took off.  Has it ever been launched?  I know it was on Rock Band, but is that really giving it a fair shot?  They play this song on Sirius/XM Octane quite a bit, I think it could be accepted if it was given a push (video, etc. etc. you know the story).

Axl's description of the song give a clearer meaning to the lyrics.  In case you forgot.

Quote from: monkeychow on Today at 06:29:08 AM
Axl - could you please talk at all about what inspired the lyrics to Shackler's Revenge?

Dexter (Axl): Shackler's was inspired by the insanity of senseless school shootings and also the media trying desperately to make more out of one shooter's preference for the Guns song Brownstone to no avail.

That said, listening for my own enjoyment or if we were to make a video or performing it I lean more to the entertainment of a horror flick or something like Dexter, something with an interesting menacing character as opposed to real life.

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