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Re: New AIC Album Sept 29

Gunslinger wrote:

Picked mine up day before yesterday and will write a review soon.

I from the start was AGAINST an AIC album without Layne.  Blasphemy!

That makes it even more impressive to me that I am really liking this album thus far. 

I 'll have to listen to it more to make a review but two songs have hit me IMMEDIATELY:

All Secrets Known - EXCELLENT song and the guy almost sounds like Layne on this one, creepy.  The words, arrangement and performance are PERFECT.  The song is about the resurrection of the band after the loss of Staley. I couldn't imagine a more fitting opener to this album.  It has the darkness of Dirt mixed with the melancholy of SAP.  A very worthy track to be labeled an "Alice in Chains' song".  That's saying quite a bit...especially coming from a person who didn't expect this new album to be anything more than a pale imitation of what was once a great band.  I was wrong.

Black Gives Way to Blue - This is an EXTREMELY powerful offering.  William may not be another Layne but he proves he is a very capable singer in his own right.  The emotion in this one is purely amazing, almost like something you can touch and not just feel.  This song has come at the darkest time of my life and it eerily "hits home" with me. Sometimes a song such as this helps you bleed.  In short, this is to BGWTB what Nutshell was to Jar of Flies.

Can't wait to spend some time on this album and then do a proper review of the whole tracklist.

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Re: New AIC Album Sept 29

Furbush wrote:

like chinese democracy, i'm giving the retail CD some time to soak in before i get down to writing my review....

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Re: New AIC Album Sept 29

Furbush wrote:
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Re: New AIC Album Sept 29

metallex78 wrote:

Great review, and pretty spot on descriptions too, particularly the Degradation Trip track comparisons.

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Re: New AIC Album Sept 29

Axlin16 wrote:

Great review. I pretty much have fallen in love with every track on the album. Even the ones I was hesistant of before. This will easily be the album of 2009.

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Re: New AIC Album Sept 29

FlashFlood wrote:

ALICE IN CHAINS To Release 'Your Decision' Single - Oct. 12, 2009

To coincide with the band's European tour, ALICE IN CHAINS will release a new single, "Your Decision", on November 16 in the U.K.

"Your Decision" is the second single to be lifted from band's first all-new album in 14 years, titled "Black Gives Way To Blue", which sold 126,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 5 on The Billboard 200 chart (behind latest albums from PARAMORE, MARIAH CAREY, BARBRA STREISAND and BREAKING BENJAMIN).

ALICE IN CHAINS took part in "Stripped", Clear Channel Music Group's exclusive in-studio performance series created for artists who thrive on performing without the typical studio and video embellishments. The three-song performance, which was taped on September 9 at the PC Richard & Son Theater in New York City, can be viewed below.

Acoustic versions of the following songs are available:

* "Check My Brain"
* "Your Decision"
* "No Excuses"

ALICE IN CHAINS will perform on the October 30 edition of NBC's "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien".

ALICE IN CHAINS recruited pop legend Elton John to contribute piano to the CD's title track, which is written in tribute to Staley.

William DuVall had played with his own group, COMES WITH THE FALL, as well as in Jerry Cantrell's solo band, before joining up with ALICE IN CHAINS in 2006.

"Black Gives Way to Blue" was recorded with producer Nick Raskulinecz (FOO FIGHTERS, RUSH) at the Northridge, California studio of FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl.

Communist China
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Re: New AIC Album Sept 29

Good choice! And I'm glad to see that they are releasing two singles. Some bands don't.

Check My Brain is still getting regular play on rock stations, I hope this album keeps going for a while.

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