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Randall Flagg
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Re: And the controversy starts!

from their official facebook page:

Axl Rose Accosted by Belligerent Paparazzi at LAX

Lead singer of Guns N' Roses unhurt in encounter with unruly photographers

(Los Angeles) December 10, 2009 –
Axl Rose, lead singer for the legendary rock group Guns N' Roses, was unhurt last evening when he was accosted by an unruly group of paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

At the time of the incident, Mr. Rose was en-route to Taipei, Taiwan, to kick-off Guns N' Roses’ tour of Southeast Asia including shows in Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Mr. Rose, who was about to enter a security checkpoint at LAX when the altercation took place, was approached by a group of unchecked and unruly photographers who became aggressive with the singer and female members of the traveling group.

Mr. Rose was not injured during the unprovoked attack and was able to board his flight without further incident.

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Re: And the controversy starts!

Axlin16 wrote:
DCK wrote:

There are direct flights from LAX to Taipei?

Probably not. That's what Axl discovered. 16

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Re: And the controversy starts!

DCK wrote:

Nice. Female members. Good to see he still have the ability to get some. If not female members really is Beta.

It says the plane was en-route so I guess it's direct flights

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Re: And the controversy starts!

Axlin16 wrote:

Probably Beta, but still...

If the horn section and backup singers are back... 9

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Re: And the controversy starts!

Stepvhen wrote:

Look at us were like ids in a Candy store. Fuck me the mans a genius . I never get this buzzed over anyone else. And Im well used to my rockstars attacking paparazzi, being a die hard Oasis head

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Re: And the controversy starts!

tejastech08 wrote:
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Re: And the controversy starts!

-D- wrote:

parazzo claims he has footage of Axl Rose punching him in the head during a scuffle at LAX Wednesday night.

According to the photog, Rose arrived to the airport with a woman in tow. As they were walking in, we're told the woman got into a confrontation with a couple of paparazzi trying to take her photo.

The photog, an employee of the National Photo Group, tells TMZ Rose saw the woman scuffling with the photogs and instantly started throwing punches.

The paparazzo claims the whole thing was caught on tape -- though we haven't seen it yet.

We're told several members of Axl's entourage dragged the singer away from the fight and ushered him through airport security. We're told no cops -- not even airport security -- got involved.

For those too lazy to click above link

Bright Eyes 2005
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Re: And the controversy starts!

Yep, top story posted...amazing timing Irving!  This mini-tour will now be followed, reported on, and generate a buzz for Canada, and that will lead to MASSIVE South American shows followed by Summer in Europe, etc.  This is gonna be great!!!  Axl will get some good pub out of this--the paparazzi is not well liked, and defending your woman (was this set-up by Irving) against the paparazzi will score him even more points!

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Re: And the controversy starts!

elmir wrote:

Nice bit of invented PR...old school promotion, but still effective...not saying it didn't happen, but it was no coincidence...

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Re: And the controversy starts!

Dadud wrote:
tejastech08 wrote:

i was looking on TMZ for that and found this … com_inline

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