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Re: Robert Plant & The Band of Joy

Axl4Life wrote:

What is everyones opinions on Plants solo career?

They have tour dates coming up and tickets are on sale tomorrow. I'm aware of Plants early solo stuff such as "Ship of Fools" and "Big Log" aswell as the stuff from his last album Mighty ReArranger but thats about it.

Anyone know of any of his stuff with "Band of Joy" and do you think it would be worth getting tickets for?

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Re: Robert Plant & The Band of Joy

James wrote:

I haven't listened to all his solo material.

Big Log is one of the best songs from the 80s though. An album I would definitely recommend is his early 90s album Fate of Nations.

You should go see him. He's not getting any younger and the chances to see him are probably running out.

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Re: Robert Plant & The Band of Joy

Axlin16 wrote:

His solo career is decent, although i'm not diehard aware of it either.

I do remember quite of his 80's catalog being very much pop-oriented. Much akin to what Phil Collins and Eric Clapton were doing at the time.

julia (babydolls)
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Re: Robert Plant & The Band of Joy

saw him in 2002 at glastonbury and again in 2005 at the albert hall with strange sensation. He's still got it, vocally and definately still has immense stage presence. Some good tracks on mighty rearranger (shine it all around) - I'd def recommend seeing him, its pretty thrilling hearing and watching him sing live. esp when he cranks out a bit of classic zeppelin!

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