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Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

James wrote:
Acquiesce wrote:
James Lofton wrote:

I hope Soundgarden is in that top 5.

No,  interestingly enough I haven't listened to a Soundgarden album for some reason. You'll have to give me recommendations!

My top 5 are
The Who

The Beatles used to be my #1 but I listened to them so much I burned out on them, but they deserve a special mention.

Now I were the one on the old version of the site really pushing those later Hanson albums.

A Soundgarden virgin? You've got a killer discography to dive into. This late in the game you should just start with their reunion album King Animal.

Best songs from it...

AtariLegend wrote:

She's serious.

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Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

zombux wrote:

some  Troubadour soundcheck video and pictures here … msg1425243

Mama's Good Boy
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Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

clip from the band just posted to social media.   lots of great footage of Jungle, Sweet Child, Better, Live and Let Die, Paradise City

Looks like Axl started strong but by Paradise you can tell his voice was warn out.    Great stuff.

CSS 2.0
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Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

CSS 2.0 wrote:
Mama's Good Boy wrote:


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Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

Gagarin wrote:

That video. Holyfuckz.

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Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

Neemo wrote:

That's pretty fn cool vid

Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

AtariLegend wrote:

From those 2/3 seconds I can honestly say I think Slash's take on Better is alot better than DJ's tongue.

I'm jealous about those attending tonight sad.

Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

Lomax wrote:

Hey James did you hear Cornell's last solo album?
What did you think.
I loved it.

My Top 5 GNR, Oasis, Soundgarden, Aerosmith, Def Leppard/Iron Maiden. I cannot choose between leppard and maiden.

I feel like Oasis get overlooked a lot because they were a huge mainstream success.

They were one hell of a hard rock outfit though.

Cigarettes and alcohol utterly devastated the shite on the radio in Ireland when it appeared:

Gas Panic is imprinted on my soul till the day I die.

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Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

Furbush wrote:


Need this.

Fucking Better. With Slash. I can't even.

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Re: Troubadour 04/01/16 - videos

Axlin16 wrote:
Gagarin wrote:

That video. Holyfuckz.

Yeah I just nerdgasm'ed everywhere.

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