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Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

polluxlm wrote:

He isn't right and has already been proven wrong. They have reworked songs from Chinese to perform live. That's more than the 09-14 lineup did and its just begun. They are also doing the best set lists seen since 1991.

Look at how happy they are and Axl never smiled like that during the CD years.

It doesn't look like they're doing a cash grab only, but who knows, I'm still wondering what the hell happened to force Pitman out. If that was the reason I'd be disappointed. But the way things have shaped up I'm more inclined to believe the rumors about Chris being an alcoholic who's having a breakdown. If they were just looking to save costs because nostalgia heavy set lists doesn't require a second keyboardist they wouldn't have replaced him with Melissa.

Still a little odd for the split to happen right now though.

CSS 2.0
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Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

CSS 2.0 wrote:

I don't think the possibility of him not getting along with Duff and Slash is out of the equation either.

While this was probably for the best I wish him well nonetheless.

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Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

polluxlm wrote:

Yeah, but 15 years in the band doesn't suggest he can't get along with people. Reportedly he was close to Axl too.

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Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

monkeychow wrote:

Melissa was hired because they need someone to do the existing synth of stuff like This I Love I would assume, but attitude wise as a newbe she might be more open to her synth parts playing a minor role than Pitman who was working with Axl towards the 3 industrial albums all those years.

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Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

bigbri wrote:

This pud makes Matt Sorum look like a fucking boy scout.


I hate Sorum like some of the next guys.

But, Sorum is like Pope Francis compared to Chris Pittman.

And I hate Sorum.

Hate to admit it, but yeah.

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Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

apex-twin wrote:
polluxlm wrote:

Still a little odd for the split to happen right now though.

We can only speculate, but...

Let's observe the situation. Slash and Duff were announced to return (still sounds big) around New Year's Eve. Let's call it on the safe side, say there had been serious talks about this for the entire 2015. What to do and how to do it.

Let's say Axl talks biz with Duff, talks stuff with Slash, melting down smartphone batteries. Meanwhile, Pitman frequents his Malibu compound. They fuss out around the mixing desk and tweet together, all bromance. They're working on, in all likelihood, Chinese Leftovers.

Now, the thawing of the ice with Slash was probably a step-by-step program. You'd figure things like a voicemail by Slash would be a big deal for Axl, let alone taking a call. Axl likes to talk about his issues to his friend, apparently a lot. While he was doing the vocals on UYI, he camped out in the studio. A ladyfriend came over for a few days, mostly to hear him talk.

Do the math. Pitman, who goes back to the Beavan era, completing the infinity project with Axl and having a front row seat to the future of Guns. Maybe even recording Slash. Pitman's got it made. He's likely to enjoy a fair share of writing credits on CD2. He's going to do Coachella with them. He's going to have a real role to play.


Axl hung up on him after the work on Leftovers wrapped. He found himself in a room with Slash and Duff.

The writer of Silk Worms found himself out of depth.

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Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

polluxlm wrote:

The break is very abrupt. One month he's making a promo video for Coachella, the next he's out. Now he's melting down on social media, so it wasn't by choice. That leaves us with S&D wanting him out, for personal reasons since Melissa is still there, or a fall out with Axl Rose. All suddenly appearing, at least from his point of view, at the conclusion of the reunion deals. Slash and Duff having a personality clash with a guy who's managed to stay on Axl Rose's good side for 15 years, or Axl Rose throwing those 15 years down the road, something I think would require a sense of betrayal. Which is more likely?

As always things happen fast in this band, and truth is hard to come by.

Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

AtariLegend wrote:

I think what's more bizarre, is he didn't attempt to correct/brush the story under the rug. He could very easily have just stuck with the story that he doesn't run that account. Maybe he could have posted something on twitter, saying "he wishes the band the best" or "not to believe everything you read".

The fact that he hasn't even bothered has made him look ridiculous. It's not like he has much of a fan base and he's not liked, by alot of the people who do recognize his work.

It's not just the video for Coachella ect. he made or working closest with Axl in the studio. He seemed to be friends with the guy too. He was at his house a bit, going by Beta's Instagram post last year for their Halloween party or the twitter photo of them watching the plane fly over Axl's backyard. That's just several months ago.

Something happened.

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Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

Axlin16 wrote:

Yeah something serious happened. I agree.

Even DJ Ashba, whom everyone said there was a hidden beef, has basically babyfaced on them and has marked out to them and wished Axl and the guys all the very best, again and again.

Chris took the other route.

I personally feel Chris got disrespected by one of Axl's handlers. Maybe Beta. Who knows. I think Chris, like Dizzy & Frank & Richard, basically gave a shout out on "announcement day" of Coachella. The rest of the band was told to shut up, and that it was supposed to just be Axl, Slash & Duff announcing that day (because again -- it's a re-branding).

The rest were fine with the reduced role (although I think something is wrong with Dizzy too. He looks slighted... jmho)

But Chris was insulted and said something because his ego is far larger than Dizzy's.

Suddenly, he's gone.

It's gotta hurt somewhat. I don't blame the guy. But to go out and say "I quit the oldies band", just sounds like a jealous, scorned lover, who just got dumped, and is trying to spin the situation into "I dumped them FIRST!"


Like others have said, other than the few CD-heavy shows of the 2009-10 performances, Chris has been touring this nostalgia act/oldies-band since 1998, and had absolutely no problem with cashing that check (or that ass), during that period.

Now it's a problem. What I find sad, is Chris is basically the guy who set up Pro Tools at Axl's guest house and TAUGHT HIM how to use it... wow... I guess they weren't as close as they thought.

My guess is it came down to what it always comes down to -- M-O-N-E-Y. There's already been rumors of the band getting paid the same session rate, even though Axl, Slash & Duff are RAKING in the cash at 3-4x the amount they were before.

If true... Chris being gone for that reason could also confirm why Izzy was cut out and why Matt wasn't even asked.

Food for thought

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Re: "I quit the oldies band" - Chris Pitman

RAGE24 wrote:

Chris Pitman was the "appendix" while he was in GnR.  You could live with him ok, but you most certainly could live just fine without him!  He is not missed.

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