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Re: Is This Forum Dying?

BLS-Pride wrote:

We are in our Axl 95 to 01 phase. The posts are coming, we're just not sure if soon is the word. 16

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Re: Is This Forum Dying?

mitchejw wrote:
BLS-Pride wrote:

We are in our Axl 95 to 01 phase. The posts are coming, we're just not sure if soon is the word. 16

Damn haven't seen you post in nice reemergence post....

James Lofton
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Re: Is This Forum Dying?

James Lofton wrote:
AtariLegend wrote:

I think we've reached the point now. If you took the politics thread out off the equation nothing would be left.

It's sad, I almost miss the Internet pre-2007 now and it's not just because of Guns N' Roses.

I miss it too. IMO social media has ruined the internet. While I do think some memes are funnier than hell, all that kinda shit helped ruin it too.

Forums aren't needed in our current world. Its literally the last thing people look for no matter what the subject is. Every forum I check(not many) are in their dying days. Only really active forum I go to sometimes is websleuths.

Had social media not existed, every GNR site would've seen a massive increase due to it being such a global event. It was a popcorn fart forum wise. The world cheered it on at FB, snapchat, twitter, etc.

Yes...without Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Evo would be on life support and donating its organs. Thanks Trump!

If GNR released an album or something of that nature, activity would increase but the "glory days" aren't coming back.

What also kills some forums is spam and overprotective measures against spammers. I registered at a site sometime ago... I was really keen on posting there at first. I was told my account was to be approved...

This happened to me on one of the crime sites last year. You're right....sites are going overboard when they cant afford to lose potential members.

One of my favorite horror forums is a virtual ghost town now. Back in 06-07 they were rocking n rolling.

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Re: Is This Forum Dying?

TheMole wrote:

The one community in which forums still seem to be thriving is retro computing (you know, nintendo/atari/sega/amiga stuff). I'm part of one such site (, and it just keeps on growing...

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