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Re: Twin Peaks

AtariLegend wrote:

Twin Peaks revival to feature Monica Bellucci and David Duchovny
US drama series to return with 217-strong cast including Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Szohr

The entire cast of the Twin Peaks revival has been revealed, with the announcement that new stars such as Monica Bellucci, Laura Dern and Jim Belushi are to join key original cast members.

While the return of Kyle MacLachlan had already been announced, a full list of all 217 cast members, published by the US cable channel Showtime, indicates that he will be rejoined by David Duchovny, Alicia Witt, David Patrick Kelly – who all had minor roles in the original series – and Harry Dean Stanton, who appeared in the big screen version, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me .

The series, set 25 years after the story last ended, will apparently not include original cast members Lara Flynn Boyle (who played Donna Hayward) and Piper Laurie (who played Catherine Martell) when it airs next year.

New characters will be played by Naomi Watts, Tom Sizemore, Jessica Szohr, Amanda Seyfried, Matthew Lillard, Balthazar Getty, Hailey Gates, Ernie Hudson, Ashley Judd and David Koechner as well as the musicians Eddie Vedder and Trent Reznor.

Fans had already been excited by the announcement that David Lynch, who co-wrote the original, would return to the director’s chair he vacated after overseeing the critically acclaimed first season.

It was also public knowledge that a way had been found for Sheryl Lee, who played the deceased Laura Palmer, to return to the cast and would be joined by other actors including Sherilyn Fenn, who played Audrey Horne.

A teaser trailer, released last year opens with the sound of howling wind and a voiceover by Michael Horse, who plays Deputy Hawk, talking about the beauty of the Pacific northwest, where the series is set and filmed.

The return had been postponed to 2017 from its earlier date of 2016. Other setbacks have revolved around Lynch signing on to do the show, but then leaving it over a dispute about budgets.

He later rejoined as director, quoting two of its famous lines by saying: “The rumours are not what they seem … It is happening again.” The show’s cast had made a series of videos appealing for Lynch’s return.

Showtime, which said on Monday that it had concluded principal photography on the new series, promised “long-awaited answers for the series’ passionate fan base” after it originally announced the revival.

Twin Peaks earned those fans through its blend of traditional police procedural and psychosexual mystery, as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper investigates the death of a teenage girl in a rural town – its first season became a huge ratings success in the US, though its second season failed to keep the momentum going after the killer was revealed.

A film exploring the events leading up to the killing, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, was released the following year.

Mark Frost, co-creator of the show, said in a 2015 interview: “The challenge for us is to try and come back and raise the bar above what we did the last time.”

Source: … d-duchovny

Cast includes Trent Reznor... and a certain former Guns N' Roses guitarist



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Re: Twin Peaks

Axlin16 wrote:

It'll flop.

It's too high profile, and too many years have passed. Unlike X-Files, which just picked up with new stories set in current times/mythologies, Twin Peaks 2016-17 is trying to do what Dallas TNT did, and that was go back over 20 years and try to catch lightning in a bottle again.

People forget that the original Twin Peaks was critically acclaimed, but a ratings BOMB. At least Dallas & The X-Files had major viewers.

Twin Peaks was solely a success on that little moment in 1990. They will truly have to knock it out of the park, to bring people back. It'll help being on Showtime, because ratings won't matter (as much), but at the same time...

It'll be like the Sex Pistols in 2016 announcing the release of "Never Mind The Bollocks II"

It's gonna be a huge mountain to climb to go back there. And Lynch is overrated imo.

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Re: Twin Peaks

James wrote:

I think it has a chance. That show was ahead of its time. It was very unconventional.  It made some mistakes and you're right...the craze fizzled quickly.

The all star cast itself guarantees at least the first episode will get attention.

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Re: Twin Peaks

Axlin16 wrote:

I wonder if it'll get kind of a "True Detective" type of following. I still love that show, but it seems after the 1st Season, it peaked, and no one really cared to see an anthology-sequel season, with a different case, even though I loved Season 2 as much as Season 1. Nobody seems to care when, or if, Season 3 is ever coming, even though as far as I was concerned it was the best crime drama on TV.

Twin Peaks might cater to that group. People that dig these kind of avant-garde type TV shows, and will follow it simply because it is one of the most unique things on TV, like True Detective.

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Re: Twin Peaks

apex-twin wrote:

Robin Finck just added a new feather into his hat - he's in the cast of the series!

David Lynch is friends with Trent Reznor, which may explain how Robin landed an audition.

Again, Robin moves in the fringes of pop culture, seemingly care-free and dedicated at the same time.

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Re: Twin Peaks

Neemo wrote:

I never watched this 3 episodes in so far.. it's odd..the acting is pretty

Re: Twin Peaks

johndivney wrote:

Been loving the new series. Thought ep1 was really really off but it's been increasingly great since then. Dunno how you jump into it having not watched the original. You're not going to have much clue what's going on unless you read up on it.

Ep5 was a bit of a downer tho - I'm growing in concern for Coop not snapping back to his old self, it is getting a bit worrying. I thought the coffee would've done the trick. But seeing him as Dougie is still funny & Naomi Watts is doing a great job.

Fargo's better mind. & has Ray Wise in it this season.

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Re: Twin Peaks

Neemo wrote:

No I started over from the beginning

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