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Re: 2018 Predictions

James wrote:

If one internet behemoth is going down, its Facebook. As an actual company? No. Just the FB platform. Instagram is starting to dominate and it is now owned by FB. FB has so much money they can just gobble up competitors and start ups to keep themselves in the game.

FB was allowed to get too big.

Twitter may go into decline but there will always be a need for a similar format as long as people love texting.

youtube is not going away. They'll handle the latest controversy about censorship. youtube is the new TV and it has google's never ending pockets.

Amazon obviously is going to gut this countries economy worse than Walmart.

Indeed it is.

I'll never forget seeing my first Walmart in the early 90s. First thing I said when walking up to it was "this is the ruination". A few years later they started popping up in every single town. I will never forget when a small town in Oklahoma got one. It was unreal. There was a record store I loved in MIssouri and I talked to the owner all the time. One day he told me he was gonna go out of business because he couldn't match what the walmart in town was charging for cds, tapes, shirts, etc. I felt so sorry for him. He had a killer little store and it had to go belly up because people wanted to pay a couple bucks less while buying a gallon of fruit punch at walmart.

Walmart is nothing compared to amazon and the only good thing about it is amazon is going to do to walmart what walmart did to everyone else.

As Dan Quayle said, the future is now. Brick and mortar stores are dying and they're not coming back. Everything will come to you by mail(even by drone) or you'll pick something up at a huge warehouse.

Eventually everything will be owned by a handful of companies.

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Re: 2018 Predictions

Neemo wrote:

I hate Amazon...this amazon marketplace concept is bullshit (ebay is the same, ans now walmart and bestbuy are doing it too)...its just people trying to monopolize certain products and charging outrageous prices to try and make a huge profit over MSRP hoping to catch the unwary and desperate, sometimes not even delivering the goods

These amazon/ebay stores need to be regulated like yesterday...not everybody should be just allowed to sell stuff at that kind if level. Some folks are just unscrupulous

Re: 2018 Predictions

johndivney wrote:

FB has lost $100 BILLION in 10 days.
My brain can’t compute these figures.

Coincidentally I got burned twice on eBay recently, buying & being outbid. & amazon marketplace is bullshit, just people charging outrageous prices. Regulations tho are a thing of the past, some folk are just unscrupulous.

Honestly thought fb was one of those massive Tyrell type corporations which would rule humanity. In a way it was but only for the past 2-5 years. Maybe zuckerberg will restructure & survive..

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Re: 2018 Predictions

James wrote:

These social media platforms are overvalued. In no universe should something like FB which just pushes ads, propaganda, and sells all your data be verging on a trillion dollar company.  The rise of the internet has created an unregulated monster capable of god knows what.

Some people are waking up but its not enough. FB, Amazon, etc. have turned us into walking piles of data. Our humanity is being stripped away. We are being monitored 24/7 by this monster. It even listens to us in our homes. Something has to be done.

China is about to turn into an episode of Black Mirror and this will happen here too. Our society has already been conditioned for its unveiling. … ravelling/

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