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Re: Fleetwood Mac Fires Lindsey Buckingham

johndivney wrote:

I just can’t imagine Axl hanging out with the AFD band y’know.. the girl plays keys/effects ffs get over yourselves. Pitman was a prat.

I saw Peter Green in concert about a decade ago & he was absolutely brilliant. Like witnessing a genius at work. Privilege to be there. 
Lindsey Buckingham can suck my dick.

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Re: Fleetwood Mac Fires Lindsey Buckingham

monkeychow wrote:
Randall Flagg wrote:

Oh, I can.  But it'd only be for a night and she'd be on her way with the rest of the groupies.  I don't fault her for taking the gig; it's an amazing opportunity and anyone would be a fool not to take it.  I just don't understand why they needed a synth/extra keyboard player and what was wrong with Pittman?  Not that I am some Pittman fan, but he put in the time and actually helped write parts of CD.  Frank and Richard stayed, so why not Pittman?  Maybe I missed something when the reunion broke, but I never understood that decision.

I agree.

Personally I'd prefer to go back to the AFD era days where it was more straight up rock - or maybe some UYI style band where they occasionally bust out a Teddy or someone but he's not on every single song.

She's sort of needless on the AFD stuff, and while it shouldn't be about image, the whole J-pop thing sits absolutely horribly with the rest of GNR's style - I mean richard and Slash channel some type of biker 70s rock stuff and she looks like she's from a cartoon. Not only that but it's not really a musical improvement for me - i've thought since Rio3 that synth sounds horrid on AFD/UYI songs - and stuff like the melissa/brain remixes sound bad to me too - the only bit that sounds cool to me is the samples of Axl.

As for pitman - again I don't really feel he needs to be in GNR, like surely between Axl doing keys on NR, and Dizzy smashing out a host of piano parts - then dizzy could just randomly trigger effects on the occasional CD stuff too. But then i'll give pitman that at least he was a composer with Axl - so I can deal with him being around if we have to....

There's just something awkward about it. Like Slash rocked up that solo on SCOM to make it still rock enough when Axl was doing ballads. Now we have melissa dancing along to ISE and doing's just sort of embarrassing to me. GNR are a famous guitar rock band....just be what you are.

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Re: Fleetwood Mac Fires Lindsey Buckingham

I don't mind the added synth on the older songs; and I like the fact that there's a female voice in the mix on the backing vocals. And really, who gives a shit about image? They're not the scruffy 80s rockers who hung out in the Hell House any more, so why bother pretending? The band has had (at various times) a man wearing cycling shorts and a combat jacket, a guy with a KFC bucket on his head and Robin Finck dressed like a Tim Burton character in it. If you really want to play the image card, she's a hell of a better visual fit than DJ Ashba, because at least her look is authentically her own, and not a contrived poseur's impression of a Sunset Strip rocker.

A Private Eye
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Re: Fleetwood Mac Fires Lindsey Buckingham

I never set too much importance by the synth guy and nor do I now it’s the synth girl. Don’t have an issue with her being there but equally the band doesn’t fall apart without her.

This generations Tracey, Roberta and Teddy all rolled in to one.

Smoking Guns
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Re: Fleetwood Mac Fires Lindsey Buckingham

Smoking Guns wrote:

Frank sucks and out side of backing vocals Melissa is pointless. She sings nice so I don’t mind the background vocals. To me Frank is far worse than Melissa. Sorum and Adler  with Izzy and Melissa and I am just fine. Fortus does nothing for me. Amazing player but doesn’t move me.

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