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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

Scabbie wrote:

Circus Maximus is very cool

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

atlashrugs wrote:

i love nothing quicksong. it's catchy.

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

AlThePal wrote:

Anyone can pm me a link please!

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

Pacha wrote:

Can someone send a PM??

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

misterID wrote:
bigbri wrote:

Wow, this stuff is good. A surprise vocal track, Nothing is something. I like it a lot.

As It Began, beautiful. Piano starts out like Imagine.

Elvis is quite cool. Does sound a lot like a Bucket track. Funk-ish.

Thyme reminds me of Maddy. What’s the story with Thyme and its relation to PRL? Do we know?

I'm interested in these if anyone's got 'em.

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

RaZor wrote:

Can someone hook me up?

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

bigbri wrote:
AtariLegend wrote:

I decided to go for a walk at 5am in the rain and dark instead of sleeping.

btw Bigbri, Bucket isn't on this Elvis, the dates don't match up. The march tracks seem to be mixes of tracks recorded in 99 and Bucket didn't meet Axl till (xmas eve 99 right?).

No wonder Bucket agreed to join and/or Axl wanted him. They were already doing stuff similar to Bucket's solo work.

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

I’ll take a pm as well please. I think I’ve missed a bunch of stuff too.

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

Saboteur wrote:

Circus Maximus - WOW

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 4

James wrote:

I'd are you still unable to get zip files?

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