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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

Trent-axl wrote:

Which of these have lyrics??

Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

AtariLegend wrote:
Trent-axl wrote:

Which of these have lyrics??

Eye on You and If the World.

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

atlashrugs wrote:
misterID wrote:

Tracks 4,7 and 8 are awesome. I disagree with the ITW and Sorry consensus, I really like the finished product. Really, had he just dropped Ron, switched TIL with Tommy demo #1 I would have lost my fanboy mind for that album.

CD II had so much potential. sad

The good news is that the Chairman doesn't seem to be done.

the chairman isn't done?

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

GnRMex2002 wrote:

Pm please

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

wasted wrote:

They basically did have 4 albums of material. Disc 2 is like CD II. Some of it was brought into Disc 1 for CD then TIL was the secret weapon. I need to hear disc 2 to complete the mission. Pablo Mora did not die in vain.

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

KitchenFinck wrote:

For all of the talk of the new instrumentals, if there’s one thing I take away from all of this is what a stunning piece of music “Sorry” is.

That instrumental has an incredible vibe and emotion, simply awesome.

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

hqn40269 wrote:

PM would be great guys

Thank you

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

Can someone pm me this too thanks!!!!!

Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

AtariLegend wrote:

This disc answers the question of where all the missing rockers (non uyi style ballads) from the album are.

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Re: Rough Mixes Disc 2

James wrote:

First thoughts on the songs.....


This was the intended title track for a mythical second album?

They've already lost the plot.

Eye on You

Cutting room floor.  Next.

If the World

Incredible. Should've been on a soundtrack (MI2?) in 2000-01 for extra buzz/promotion leading up to those shows.


Another kick ass rocker. Can't believe they wasted these types of songs while delivering stale as my grandma's raisin bread set lists in 2002.

Quick Song

Same as above.


Sounds higher quality than the last version.


Should've been A listed for the first album.


Hmm....not sure what to make of this. It's more of a jam, doesn't really go anywhere.

Shackler's Revenge

Shackler's Revenge indeed. NOW I get it.

They took it too far away from the original recipe. Wagz is right....horror movies not school shootings.


Dear mother of God. What a monster track. Better than the album and it's a shame such a beautiful instrumental got used for a Slash rant. Unbelievable.

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