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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

AtariLegend wrote:

Watched the 2010 remake of Nightmare on Elm Street.

Bit of a snooze fest. Loved the series as a kid, but took years to watch this.

Not sure why they had to make him a pedophile. They took the fun out off the series and didn't get creative with the dreams, meaning there's not much left. Not a surprise a 2nd reboot was planned instead of a sequel.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

James wrote:

Atari, he's a pedo in the original but it's glossed over a bit and more just a child killer in general.

I do agree the remake fell flat in all areas.

Three from Hell

If Zombie was going to do a Rejects sequel, should've pulled the trigger 10 years ago.

Sid Haig was so sick he can only handle a cameo appearance.

Fuck that shit.

The film is two hours long but feels like four. Each act is drug out to where you don't even care what happens next.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head when they went to Mexico. Just absurd....even for a movie like this.

This story is burnt toast and it ends with sequel potential.

I won't be watching.

I liked how it was filmed. Really does feel like the 70s-80s. Other than that, it's garbage.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

slashsfro wrote:

Sharkey's Machine (1981)  Semi-sleazy early 80s Burt Reynolds (has a 70s feel) cop thriller that is pretty entertaining.  Slightly overlong but watchable and is shot in Atlanta.  Noteable because Burt directed this feel.  The ending is pretty funny.  Eurocrime icon Henry Silva does well as the antagonist.

State of Grace (1990)   Neo noir crime thriller set in NYC.  Starring Sean Penn, Ed Harris.  Gary Oldman steals the film with his energetic portrayal of a NYC gangster.  Must mention a very hot Robin Wright here.  There's an interesting commentary on gentrification in NYC that is an underlying theme of the film.  Oh, almost forgot Sweet Child O'Mine was playing in one of the scenes of the film.  Found it funny since one of the leaks is called State of Grace.

Real McCoy (1993)  Reallly dull and boring heist film starring Kim Basssinger.  Aside from LA Confidential, I've never really liked any of her other roles.  She always seems cold and bland and is no exception here.  Not even Val Kilmer and Terrence Stamp can save this snoozer.  Dull films like this probably offend me more than awful films.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

Wagszilla wrote:


Good commentary on America, mental illness, capitalism, and gun violence. Kinda boring Batman movie.

More cynically, Kings of Comedy in clown makeup with dashes of Psycho and Network. A bit glacial and anti-feeling.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

misterID wrote:


What a terrible piece of shit that movie was. 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. What a joke.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

Neemo wrote:

I watched The Kid

A movie about Billy the Kid (Dane DeHaan) / Pat Garrett (Ethan Hawke) with a crappy over arching story about a boy and his sister who killed their father for beating their mother to death then going on the run from their deranged uncle (played by Chris Pratt)

It was a good retelling of the last days of Billy...relatively historically accurate...but the boy and the sister story was kinda lame

Was cool to see Pratt play a bad guy...

If u like westerns give it a watch

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

Wagszilla wrote:

Ford v Ferarri.

It was an enjoyable, easy viewing type of movie with a compelling story. Ford comes off terribly in the flick.

I want to see Le Mans '66 now.

Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

Sky Dog wrote:

The Irishman. 9

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

Wagszilla wrote:

Knives Out

A little subtlety would’ve been nice but an enjoyable murder mystery in its own right.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

wasted wrote:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

It was alright, I expected something more sprawling. It was kind of like another Pulp Fiction set in the 60s. It was a fun movie.

Unless I’m missing something there’s nothing to learn from it or anything. Tarantino is Tarantino.

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