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mitchejw wrote:

I thought I'd do this forum section a service by attempting to start a discussion on something more light hearted.

WWF/WWE as it's called now has been sizzling and fizzling within pop culture for most if not all of our lives. Whether you enjoy it or you don't...there's no denying how big it has gotten, and at times, how it has faded into obscurity.

I bring this up because the McMahon family and higher up executives within the company have been purging millions of stock shares over recent weeks. Many have speculated that they might be getting ready to sell. I don't see that ever happening but I do still wonder why they would need to unload so many shares of the company that they are in charge of...I digress...

This leade me to another 2019, the McMahon family and WWE were making more than they have ever made while delivering what might be the worst product they've ever delivered. WWE programming ratings have been terrible and getting worse for years. It is ironic to me that the most successful financial period of WWE has been in recent years when their product has been the least marketable.

Vince has a long history of business savvy...but I have been questioning for years whether he is really all that creative. During the 80s, 90s and early 2000s...Vince took or stole talent from other organizations because he could pay them more...not just a little more...a lot more.

When it all started in the early 80s...Vince was very hands off with the wrestling side of the business. The wrestlers created most of their character and content. As the years have passed, Vince has grown to micro-manager nearly every aspect of the business to the point that talent is reading off cue cards and storylines are manufactured and contrived out of nothing based on Vince's opinion of what is creative.

At the end of the day, in 2020, in his 70s, Vince is micro-managing the product you see on TV each week. Whether it be him, or him through others. Either Vince had it and lost it...or he never had it and mostly relied on the creativity of others to shine through.

How does a company doing so poorly do so financially well at the same time?

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