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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

Wagszilla wrote:

Pesci's work in The Irishman was out of this world. It's the best thing in that movie, imo.

Mickey is the man. Incredible actor. But besides him fucking his face up and burning all his bridges, all of the writings on the wall seem like he's a pain to work with. That's everything. And who'd want to work in Hollywood nowadays anyway? It's a nightmare.

Pope of Greenwich Village, check that one out.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

James wrote:

I finally got around to watching Doubt. I could kick myself for putting it off for 12 years. Most religious themed movies are a turn off to me.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, and Meryl Streep should've all won Oscars. None of them won. Hell....Adams lost to Penelope Cruz of all people and her win should've been a lock.

It was also the year of the Slumdog Millionaire hype so it didn't have a chance in hell of getting best picture.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

PaSnow wrote:

Wow, I'm kinda torn as I don't really like the glorification of family murders/tragedys, but I watched American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix last night. OMG.

Whats great about it is its built entirely thru police bodycam footage and interrogation scenes. Two parts are astonishing, when they go next door to view neighbors surveillance video (You won't believe what happens, just wait!) and the interrogation and polygraph. Wow!

It's the guy from Colorado a couple years ago who was on the news lying about his wife & kids, and not really crying about them missing. I mean, yeah we know he did it but the way its made is pretty well done.

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Re: Most Recent Movie You've Seen

Noroi: The Curse was the best found footage movies I've seen. It's on YouTube with English Subs.

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