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Re: Posters who vanished long ago....

AgesOfTheIce wrote:
monkeychow wrote:

They sort of make it hard to be a fan to be honest.

There's the lack of new content, or for that matter re-issues of half the old content, the ongoing and eternal general silence, the paranoid secrecy, the way anything that does happen always seems to be plagued by amateur problems despite them being one of the largest acts of all time, and the way that when they do interact with the media or fans at all they come off ungrateful, bitter, cynical,  and if we're actually honest about it hostile and patronising to fans.

Not only don't they respect us, they loathe us and it's pretty obvious.

I get fame is tedious and a lot of fans are demanding and don't respect the artists either - but their attitude to everything is just lamentable.

It was easier to tolerate the negative behaviours when they delivered a once in a generation experience of excellence in between, at this stage it's like the attitude problem is writing checks that their product can't cash.

We're supposed to put up with no end of bad things because of the art and they're artists, yet the art always seems to suffer the most - where even is it anymore?

Ok this is a rant, suffice to say - Axl is my favourite songwriter, he and Slash together was a pairing for the ages and in their prime one of the greatest acts of all time. But they hate us and they don't care. And we know. It's sad really.

Team Brazil hates us for sure. As for the band themselves, well as the saying goes, the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference.

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