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Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

FlashFlood wrote:

Alright let’s put a bow on this before shows startup…

Prostitute was always a mess. But I always liked it as a mess…be adventurous, try different things. But you don’t need to do that track to track.

I wonder if that was message that got all those producers canned…”Axl you can have a couple songs like this, but can you write a hook, please?”

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Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

exoterica wrote:

Prostitute is a maelstrom

I still think it’s autobiographical

Who needs hooks

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Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

AgesOfTheIce wrote:

The song is an ocean of beauty. It may not have hooks but it's melodies are still powerful. Great lyrics, unfortunately they no longer apply to Axl Rose since 2011. I prefer the sound of the Village version.

Haters Gonna Hate
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Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

I am a really big fan of the village version. The others have way too much going on

Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

Sky Dog wrote:

A cleaned up village version would be nice but if I had to choose between village and album, I am going with Bucket and the great, peaceful ending. bucket

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Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

jimmythegent wrote:

Best song on the album and in one song Axl I feel achieved his vision.
Beautiful lyrics with a hint of atonement - and BH again elevates as does Brain.
Axl’s best vocal performance of the album and the one song on the record I go back to.

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Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

I think the album version nailed it. Great track. I will say I do find myself listening to the synth/keyboard/random odds and sods track from RB quite a lot, 'cos there's so much going on in the song it gets a bit lost. I especially love the "wee-oooo" synths in the second verse (you know the ones, they kick in about 1:40). Kinda wish they'd been higher in the mix.

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Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

If Nic Cage is happy with it, then I am. Have it hooked up to my USB drive on my daily commute to work!

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Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

dalethirsty wrote:
jimmythegent wrote:

Beautiful lyrics with a hint of atonement - and BH again elevates as does Brain.

agreed, but axl kept bucket on a leash on this song. he needed to go unhinged like on there was a time.

decent song, but not the "fire & ice" described by beltrami.

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Re: Wtf happened to…Prostitute

shutout52 wrote:

Hooks are overrated. Art vs. commercially-acceptable.

Prostitute is the former.

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