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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

DCK wrote:

It's a great song IMO. But very complex. CITR is indeed the best demo.

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

skippy wrote:

I agree about CITR...

The "Everytime I see them makes me wish I had a gun", lyric is the type of quality I expect from Waxl.

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

jimmythegent wrote:
James Lofton wrote:
jimmythegent wrote:

People seem to be fairly indifferent to this song, which baffles me to be honest.

After having listened to it fairly solidly over the last 2 months or so, I can safely say that it is the best new Guns song I have heard (it succeeds where TWAT fails).

My opinion obviously, but along with Better and CITR (I used to feel the Blues was up there too, but it has lost a little something for me), this is clearly the strongest.
It really builds nicely, is melodic and heavy in parts. Axl delivers one of his stronger performances I feel, and the part where he talks about 'Fortune and shame" gives me goose bumps.

This is what I imagined when I thought of what this band should sound like.

Why the indifference? Is it because BH plays a relatively minor role? I don't get it - to me, easily the strongest track in their canon is staring us in the face and people see decidely non-plussed?

The song does nothing for me on any level. The current CD disc in my car doesn't even have the track on it. When Ezrin told Axl he had "three songs", I'm pretty sure that this wasn't one of the three.

Doesn't have anything to do with a lack of Bucket to me. I consider CITR one of Axl's finest moments and its just an old demo that predates Bucket.

Whether its Prostitute or not, I hope its not on the album.

I do agree with you about The Blues. It has lost its impact over time.

can I ask what it is particularly about the song that you dislike so much?

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

James wrote:

It starts out with one of the worst lines ever uttered, and doesn't get any better. To me it isn't interesting lyrically or musically. It just drones on and on.

Haven't listened to it since the initial leak craze.

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

gavgnr wrote:

Out of everything that has leaked so far, for me this song is pure class.

Many may disagree with my opinion that it's right up there with Estranged.

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

Neemo wrote:

if the world and citr are my 2 least fav tracks followed closely by song #2...which i still do not believe is prostitute

its like a cover of some cheesy easy rock from the 80's

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

RussTCB wrote:


Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

Sky Dog wrote:

Jimmy, I'm with you.:beer:  ...and I see nothing 80's about this song. Don't Cry is a pure 80's power pop ballad, not this the way, when you first heard the original Gnr did you say they sound so dated? 70's rip off of Aerosmith, the New York Dolls, etc...? Just wondering....

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

ereeper wrote:

I'm on the split that likes the song.  As a matter of fact, I like it a lot!!!  I also think it is Prostitute.

As far as The Blues goes, I still think that song has staying power for me.  At my last show, it was the best of the night.  That was a big surprize to me that the song I thought was nailed the hardest by the band was The Blues.

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Re: Song #2 (Prostitute) is the biggest gun of all IMO

BLS-Pride wrote:

I love this song. I think it's one of the better leaks. Way better than If the world.

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