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Re: Stuck Inside

-Jack- wrote:

For those who cant DL from the original link

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Re: Stuck Inside

Saboteur wrote:

Alice in Chains cover?

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Re: Stuck Inside

Saudade wrote:

Good song. Love Axl's lines and his screams. His voice is still great.

Re: Stuck Inside

Yea I guess the riff has a little bit of an AIC feel to it.   I've been playing it nonstop for the last 6 hours.  I can't get over how amazing Axl sounds here.

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Re: Stuck Inside

RussTCB wrote:


A Private Eye
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Re: Stuck Inside

Can't download it at the moment as the comp I'm on has no speakers but I'm looking forward to hearing this 9

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Re: Stuck Inside

James wrote:

This is clearly the best song of the three. The music is pretty good. It sounds like something that would be on Slave to the Grind. Axl doesn't play a big role, and he actually sounds out of place on the track. He sounds good though. This song would have been good even without Axl.

Its not a song I will listen to very much, but its the best solo song from Baz I have ever heard.

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Re: Stuck Inside

metallex78 wrote:

Sounds great, the production is awesome - the drums, the guitars, the bass all sound really nice and crisp, and Sebastian hasn't lost any power in his voice at all. It sounds like it could've come off either Slave To The Grind, or Subhuman Race which I also really liked. Like others have said, this is already a good song without Axl, but his additions are pretty cool still.

I was looking forward to Angel Down already, but wow, I'm REALLY looking forward to it now.

Axl S
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Re: Stuck Inside

Axl S wrote:

So has the whole album leaked then. On another note this new track is great. I'm loving it alot more than BITS

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Re: Stuck Inside

curro wrote:
-Jack- wrote:

For those who cant DL from the original link

Thanks for that link Jack,:thumbup:The other link didn't work for me.Listening now.

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