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Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

Saikin wrote:
madagas wrote:

Saikin, Nirvana was heavily influenced by the Replacements and Pixies. The title Nevermind is ripped from a Replacements song on Pleased to Meet Me called "Nevermind". Is Nirvana good enough for you? I was actually going to apologize for my comment last night, but Battles lines are drawn. Westerberg shits on Rose and the only guy in Gnr who comes close to matching how cool and talented Tommy is is Izzy. Bob Stinson had more punch and balls than Slash ever had. The original Gnr was a great great band, but in the end, they simply don't have as many quality songs as The Replacements do. The Replacements from 81-87 were a better rock outfit than Gnr 87-91.

Nirvana, definently not good enough for me.  16

I'm out of this argument.  It's clear we both have totally different opinions.  I will say that the Replacements are a talented group of individuals.  But they aren't for me.

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Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

Saikin wrote:
gnfnraxl wrote:
russtcb wrote:

I'm a fan of them because I like what I've heard and seen between the demos and the concerts I went to.

Yeah but Russ.  Be honnest.  You're mostly a fan of what GNR did in the past.  You can't be a fan of quote Nu GNR unquote.  They haven't released anything.  Sure like you I've seen them live and they were good.  And I do like the demo, but until they release anything I've always said that they are nothing more than a tribute band with the lead singer of the band they are paying tribute to.  Sad but true.

I can't be a fan of the new GNR because they haven't officially released anything?  What a joke!:laugh:

How many songs from the CD sessions have we heard?  Enough to make me a fan of this band.

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Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

Will wrote:

Will clean up this thread later today since it was derailed about 10 pages back 14

I'll move all of the Replacements discussion into the Replacements section of Tommys biography. Anyone wanting to continue the debate will be able to pick it up in there smile

Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

Sky Dog wrote:

and another thing.....just kidding.:mosh:

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Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

Axlin16 wrote:
misterID wrote:
Axlin08 wrote:

Actually you're wrong bro. Take it from someone who used to say EXACTLY what YOU just said a thousand times over.

For the first time ever there's actual evidence to support a theory for a GN'R reunion being the works. The first time - EVER. It might be wishful thinking, but to say right now out there, there's nothing at all that points to a reunion is narrow minded.

I'd go so far to say there's more that points to a reunion, then there is evidence that points to CD actually getting released.

What's this evidence you guys are talking about? I don't see anything that points to a reunion. On the contrary, all signs show we're about as far away from a reunion happening as I've ever seen.

And for the record, I became a fan of GNR again when I heard Robin, Tommy and Buckethead were in the band. The old band really had nothing to do with my interest in the new line up. And the new songs sold me. So I agree with Russ, here.

New band isn't going anywhere.

CD still ain't out.

VR has yet to find a lead singer.

GNR might be without a guitarist & bassist.

Weiland has fueled rumors that they were going to reunite in 2006, and talks were going on now. Duff denied it.

Slash, Duff & Matt have been playing up Axl BIG TIME in the last year, way more so than usual. Encouraging a reunion, and hoping it would happen.

"Axl, Slash & Duff could be in a bomb shelter somewhere discussing a reunion, and I wouldn't know about it" - Matt Sorum. You can take that statement anyway you want it.

GNR's new manager is a man who's recent accolades are getting The Eagles back together, and David Lee Roth back in Van Halen.

If you don't want a reunion fine. You asked for evidence. It may not be happening AT ALL, but to say the signs aren't all around is pretty - 17

Honest to God dude, I have never been one of these 'reunion fanatics', that they anytime Slash says "Axl, yeah he's cool" in the press, that suddenly the band is getting back together. Never. But I truely feel there is groundwork out there now that points to that road being taken.

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Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

Stepvhen wrote:
buzzsaw wrote:
Stepvhen wrote:
buzzsaw wrote:

It's not arrogant.  The music today sucks.  I'm not a Nirvana fan, I'm not a mats fan, and as far as I know, I'm not a fan of any band they supposedly influenced.  It is what it is.

Welll Actually you are as Axl went to great lengths to get replicate I.E rip off the drum sound from never mind for chinese democracy. He even wanted dave grohl to play on the song CD.. That makes NU Guns n Roses influencees of Nirvana...And makes your previous statement wrong.....You do like new gnr don't you. That is why you are here am I correct?       13:butt:

No, you're not correct.  It's hard to claim to be a fan of a band that doesn't really exist.  The song CD (in demo version) sucks in my opinion.  Perhaps a small part of that is the drumming. 

It's probably best that you just don't reply.

Probably but fuck dat. If you don't consider nu gnr a band why have you got the larger percent of your 842 posts in the scetions pertaining to nu gnr (the band da is) surely your not just a high class troll????:butt:

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Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

buzzsaw wrote:

Guess where the conversation is... 

I'd say calling a long time member a troll 24 posts into your tenure is much more of an indication of a troll than anything I've done.  Maybe you need to establish your purpose here before slinging insults.

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Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

Backslash wrote:

^ and ^^, act civil to one another.  Buzzsaw isn't a troll, he's just a negative Nancy, everyone knows that.  Stepvhen, we don't insult one another around here.  If you want to exchange insults, there are other places to do it.

This thread is a disaster.  I thought we were talking about GNR being on UMG's 4th quarter release list...

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Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

BLS-Pride wrote:

buzzsaw is no troll he just calls it as he sees it and many people do not agree with his views I for one share a lot of his thoughts.

But Reps just confirmed that Eminem's album is indeed penned in for a 4th quarter release. So take that for what it is worth.

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Re: Guns N Roses on Universal Music Group Release List

Brett wrote:

The problem with people sort of thinking a reunion is happening... I'm not saying one would never happen. All I know is Axl Rose is still crazy and still going onstage late. Unless there's contract clauses thrown in by Slash and the boys this time, I don't think it will happen. Axl has to show up for rehearsal, has to show up for jams, has to show up on stage on time, etc...

It's easy to think "yeah... Axl needs a guitarist and a bassist, wow, Slash and Duff!" but that's not a reunion. Adler or Sorum would have to be there for it to be anywhere close. And, I doubt Izzy would have any part of it. Chinese Democracy... and a reunion tour? How does this work? If they play CD stuff, do they play VR stuff? It's really complicated at this point.

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