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monkeychow Bumblefoot not happy? Speculating....


+ 616 weeks ago
Gong Bumblefoot not happy? Speculating....

well said

+ 616 weeks ago
misterID The BATMAN Thread

hell yes

+ 624 weeks ago
Axlin16 The BATMAN Thread

Completely agree / I like Returns better than 1989

+ 624 weeks ago
Bono London, May 31 (14 Years and Dead Flowers w/ Izzy!)

Seriously what happend to Axl's voice. Weird.

+ 628 weeks ago
Axlin16 The BATMAN Thread

totally agree

+ 631 weeks ago
RussTCB Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes.

+ 633 weeks ago
ninic Slash in CD sessions 2001? Illusions reunion in 96?


- 633 weeks ago
RussTCB GN’R screenplay in the works


+ 634 weeks ago
-D- RRHoF Discussion (Izzy/Slash/Axl Press Statements)

True that!! Glutens!!!

+ 634 weeks ago
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